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Accountability for passing school buses

Keeping our children safe. That’s the lifetime goal of all parents and school officials regardless of where you live, what you do or whom you know. That’s why, this year, the powers that be at the North East (Webutuck) Central School District have approached the Amenia Town Board and the Millerton Village Board about drafting and adopting local laws holding motorists who pass stopped school buses accountable.

Thanksgiving leftovers…

So, for starters, I have to admit Thanksgiving has always been a favorite time to remember and give thanks — and, yes, eat way too much. As a child, my parents would remember the ending of war (Korea for example), when the Berlin Wall came down, a new vaccine (polio), man’s first safe journey into space, and on and on.

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 12-5-19

Donations of warm clothing help many

On behalf of the parishioners of All Saints of America Orthodox Church in Salisbury, I would like to thank all the people of the Tri-state area who helped us with our winter clothing giveaway. The donations of warm clothing from the community were overwhelming. 

We counted more than 2,000 articles of clothing. 

Whose DNA should be collected?

Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 11-28-19

Hatred in America

How did we become a country full of hate?

We have gangs killing people in the streets. Homeless shelters are not safe any more. Police and citizens are at war with each other and it goes on and on.

We have to stop the hatred in peoples’ lives.

There is so much good, but too much hate.

Linda McKee


Gratitude and nitty gritty details of our campaign

At this time of year, Thanksgiving makes us all stop (after lots of activity and travel, often, to get to that welcome place with family and friends) and think about that for which we are grateful in life. There are some years when it is hard, for one reason or another, to find just one thing to justify thanks, but other years when it’s easy as pie to conjure up 10 or 20 in a moment. 

New approach needed to community journalism

In June this year, it became clear that the initiatives taken to help bring The Lakeville Journal Company to a more viable sustainability, that is break even rather than losing money, were not working well enough. Over the past couple of decades, we whittled down every department, sold our printing presses and began printing elsewhere, sold our too-large building and regrouped in a new location.