The Lakeville Journal Editorial

The right tone for responsible governing

The levels of political connectedness today vary greatly. There are large rallies for the president that draw lots of people who are very vocal and engaged; yet there are also those who relate to whatever is happening in the government only through social media, with the opinions of those on any stream of thought becoming their reality. But there has also been a resurgence in activism, with the young and the not-so-young finding their voices on many issues of critical importance in our society. 

Support from emergency responders a comfort in the worst of times

One of the most difficult things that can happen to any family is to have one of their loved ones disappear suddenly, no matter what the cause. Unexpected deaths can take people of all ages, as evidenced in the obituaries in this newspaper every week, but when there is an accident involved and the outcome is unclear, it is all the more excruciating.

A defining moment for American justice

There are so many deep fractures in American society right now that it’s hard to predict and perceive all of them. Of course, the general polarization is quite predictable: Right-wing Republicans will defend the president, gun ownership of all kinds and the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Left-wing Democrats will support a woman’s right to choose and gun control and will criticize the president. Nothing new there.

A blast of fall outdoor activity not to be missed

This is that beginning-of-autumn time of desperation, when any vaguely nice day elicits a need to ignore all other things (chore oriented, especially) and get outdoors and do things (such as hiking or simply taking a walk) that will soon enough become much less pleasant, if not downright impossible. The summer was just not long enough, was it? There are always activities we meant to take part in that slipped by us, no matter how much we have squeezed in. 

West Cornwall’s September challenge

Each of the Northwest Corner towns has its own challenges and benefits, with each one’s individuality making it a destination and good place to live for its own reason. The Cornwalls are culturally rich, with many artists of all kinds calling them home, whether full time or part time. And West Cornwall, with its historic Covered Bridge across the Housatonic River that is especially lively in this stretch, has a charm that draws residents and visitors alike year round. 

New era in Lakeville needs one more change

The Lakeville renaissance, which has been noted in both the news and Compass sections of this newspaper, has improved the center of that town in many ways. The Patco Handy Stop store has a new renovation (yes, that is an important part of the center of town.) Seth Churchill has done striking renovations of two downtown structures: his own building company’s and the Green Café and the Studio Lakeville Gym and Fitness Center, which was the old firehouse. 

Wounds in need of healing

There are some threads of our human story that we would rather pretend affect only others, not those who are part of our own social spheres, or ourselves. Denial is too often the default, and can lead to bad behavior and life-changing victimization being hidden or ignored for long periods of time. Such is the case with sexual abuse. 

A new school year begins

It’s that time of year again, when school buses and walking children appear on the roads, making their way back to classes for their next school year. For all the students affected, anticipation can be measured out equally with trepidation, anxiety balanced by the enthusiasm to take on new challenges.

Estabrook’s life remains an inspiration at Journal

This is the time of year when students of all ages prepare to return to school, and whether it’s kindergarten, fifth grade, ninth grade or college, it’s a time of life-changing transition and a plunge into the unknown. For their families, it’s also a time to spend money on clothes, books, computers, tablets and phones, as well as any other necessary items that can change from year to year. So it’s a real help when area families can find support, especially as their children make the expensive step into higher education.