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Medicare: Why you need more than Parts A and B

Medicare costs jumped 3.4 percent last year. Drug prices gained a whopping 11 percent. Medicare parts A and B do not cover prescriptions, and the gap between what it does cover and your out-of-pocket expenses could break you.

Last week, while walking Titus, our chocolate Lab, I bumped into a fellow dog walker. I’ll call him Abe. Abe is retired and on a tight budget. In an effort to save money, he elected not to acquire the prescription-drug insurance called Medicare Part D.

Because I Said So...

State’s public education really isn’t public at all

Democratic legislators are always most conscientious when they are playing stooges for the teacher unions, the biggest component of the party’s base. Hence the all-nighter Democratic U.S. senators pulled on the Senate floor to posture against President Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos for education secretary.

The Trials of Denial: Science and the Trump administration

Part 2

Eppur si muove

‘And yet it moves!” These are the words of Galileo, after torture by Pope Urban VIII and the Inquisition forced him to recant the idea that Earth moves around the Sun. Scripture said otherwise, and the Pope had a vested interest in that fiction. Galileo was slammed into house arrest in 1633. 

Citizens can get justice done

Far from the corrosive political circus unfolding in Washington, D.C., local citizen groups are improving  conditions for the people in their own backyards. Although they receive almost no national media attention, these stalwart citizens work tirelessly to make their country a safer, cleaner and more just place to live.  One shining example of such a citizen is Tom “Smitty” Smith of Texas, who has advanced this noble work for the last 31 years.

Immigration made this nation

On Jan. 27, President Donald J. Trump signed a presidential executive order banning refugee admissions and people from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

As per the order, all travelers who are nationals of those countries are not permitted to enter the United States for 90 days unless they are issued an immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

The end result of this executive order has been chaos, both throughout the world and here in America.

Now, it’s ‘No Muslims Need Apply’

The first Irish immigrants who sought refuge in the United States during the 1850s potato famine were the poorest of the poor, a despised minority capable of little more than unskilled labor.

Trump should remember the fates of LBJ and Nixon

On his way out of the White House last week, President Obama assured the country that all would be well. But Obama is not returning to Chicago, which is engulfed by the violence of social disintegration, nor even to Illinois, the most insolvent of states, and if everything were well he wouldn’t be delivering the White House to anyone like Donald Trump.

Plans are good, but so is action

In early January, consultant Goman+York of East Hartford issued a report with recommendations on how Winsted should proceed with economic development.

The report was issued after a Envision Winsted meeting was held at Town Hall in December, when more than 70 residents gave ideas for economic development and the important priorities the town should tackle.

The full 23-page report is available online at www.townofwinchester.org/sites/winchesterct/files/gomanyork_report_jan_2...

Longing for some sense from chaos

The land of the free and the home of the brave. I have wanted to support our new president. But I have two huge issues.

Mexico: When I was a child, at an age of perhaps eight, my father took us in our Studebaker station wagon to Tijuana, Mexico. He had bought some bags of candy. He wanted to show us, his children, how much different our lives were as Americans from those of other parts of the world.