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You can’t believe a thing he says

As we near the meaningless hundred-day milestone in the presidency of Donald J. Trump, here are a few things we know and don’t know about the new president:

You can’t believe a thing he says. This is the president’s major problem. He lies constantly, unhesitatingly and shamelessly, raising doubts even when he tells the truth. 

Volunteers: Save town tradition

The Laurel Festival is a longstanding Winsted town tradition. This year, the Laurel Ball will be held on June 9 at Crystal Peak Ballroom, while on June 11, the Laurel Parade will be on Main Street.

The tradition of the Laurel Festival, along with crowning a Laurel Queen, dates back to 1934, while the new tradition of crowning a Laurel King started last year.

As per tradition, the all-volunteer Laurel City Commission is organizing the festival.

Talking about what no one wants to talk about

It is not just Donald Trump whose rhetoric is chronically bereft of reality. Politicians, reporters, commentators and academics are often similarly untethered to hard facts, albeit not for narcissistic enjoyment. There are many patterns of fact, relevant to a subject being discussed, that are off the table — either consciously or because they are deemed inconvenient. Rarely are there omissions due to the facts being hard to get or inaccessible.

That in mind, here are a few examples that warrant our scrutiny:

Trump’s plans show a contempt for women

It was that photo that really summed it up. The one of all those middle-aged white men around a table, making decisions about health care for the rest of us. Vice President Mike Pence sent out the photo with a tweet: “Appreciated joining @POTUS for meeting with the Freedom Caucus again today. This is it. #PassTheBill”

‘The newspapers will always break your heart’

Sixty-two springs ago, I went looking for my first newspaper job while at home in New Jersey, during what was probably not yet known as the spring break from my senior year in college.

So, still a student, that morning I joined the commuters on the Lackawanna train to Manhattan to see if any of the seven dailies I had been reading all my life might be interested in hiring a beginning reporter — or even a copy boy.

Russian presents and emoluments in kind

This is a cautionary tale for U.S. diplomats and businessmen traveling in modern Russia: It is almost impossible these days to stay in any upscale hotel in Moscow or elsewhere without one’s room being bugged and recorded on tape ­— in sound and, sometimes for more distinguished visitors, in visual media format. (I speak with some experience of this.)

Letters to the Editor - Winsted Journal - 3-24-17

Northwest Corner getting shortchanged 

Litchfield County residents, don’t you think our county has taken one hit too many from the state legislators and Gov. Malloy? 

Where are our Litchfield County state legislators? Are they asleep at the wheel?

Our small towns are very frugal in spending taxpayers’ money. Yet, our towns constantly get penalized on state funds in favor of the large, wild-spending cities. Enough is enough.

Mind the gap, please: the Medicare gap

If you haven’t realized it by now, Medicare has a lot of “gaps” in its coverage. In order to close that gap, various private insurance companies offer plans that cover a lot of out-of-pocket costs — for a price.

Proposed budget must fully address infrastructure needs

On Monday, March 20, Town Manager Robert Geiger presented his proposed budget for fiscal 2017–2018.

The budget, as presented by Geiger, is $33,438,506.

Geiger’s budget proposes an increase of $337,332 from the town’s fiscal 2016–2017 budget of $33,101,174.

If passed, Geiger said that the mill rate will remain the same from last year at 33.7.

As part of the budget, Geiger is proposing $1,956,412 in capital improvements, including $1,441,000 in road repairs.