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Living with the consequences of having no budget

This year Connecticut was joined by 10 other states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine, in failing to compromise on a budget in time for fiscal year 2017–2018, which started on July 1.

In the aftermath of such a failure, there remains uncertainty regarding how long the state can remain in economic limbo. Now, over one week into the month of August, the state is yet to solidify a budget, and residents of all ages and walks of life are being hit with the consequences of this legislative inefficiency. 

Should we use tax dollars to help this guy campaign?

Of the 20 or more candidates being mentioned in the open race for governor of Connecticut next year, it can be argued that one of the most experienced is the occasionally Hon. Joseph Ganim, the mayor of Bridgeport.

His experience has been, shall we say, mixed. He is running for governor for the second time, having unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination in 1994, during the second of what would be nearly six consecutive terms as mayor.

Can the world defend itself from omnicide?

Notice how more frequently we hear scientists tell us that we’re “wholly unprepared” for this peril or for that rising fatality toll? Turning away from such warnings may reduce immediate tension or anxiety, but only weakens the public awareness and distracts us from addressing the great challenges of our time, such as calamitous climate change, pandemics, and the rise of a host of other self-inflicted disasters.

Here are some warnings about rising and looming risks.

Letter to the Editor, August 4, 2017 - The Winsted Journal

Frustrations over community response

How to reduce Connecticut’s school success gap

At first glance, Connecticut’s education statistics seem promising. Connecticut is frequently one the top five states in the country in average standardized test scores, and the state’s high school graduation rate is ranked in the top 10 of the country. In recent years, Connecticut has even been the top state in the rating of three- and four-year-olds enrolled in preschool. 

A change that will create strength in the long run

Media companies are seen as being under the gun right now, especially any of those that print on paper, even if in conjunction with online publications.  And it’s not just the perception, it’s the reality. The media is dismissed even at what would ordinarily be considered the highest levels of our society. After all, the U.S. president accuses national and international media of producing only inaccurate or fabricated reporting, using Twitter to contradict and attack many responsible journalists. 

An attack on mental health care

Today, there is more attention paid to the importance of mental health than during any other time in history, yet on both a state and national level the future of mental health care is under attack. 

Lambert Kay: the art of not giving up

After many years of plans that never came to fruition, vigorous debates and arguments about a direction for the property, along with critical editorials from this newspaper, the former Lambert Kay property was sold to Parker Benjamin Real Estate Services in Unionville by the town on Thursday, July 20 at a special town meeting.

While there were not too many residents at the special town meeting, they all seemed to be very enthusiastic about the company’s plans for the building.