I Am Wide Awake – Varoujan Froundjian

Finito la comedia

Anyone who has a slight appreciation toward circus, vaudeville or slapstick should have loved Trump. I did. From the moment he announced his intention to run as the president of the United States of America, shall we say, he was sort of enjoyable? 

There was something nutty about his behavior, that he appeared to be a gold mine for satirists searching for fresh material. Oh, just watching his expressions was priceless, the way he moved his mouth sideways, the way he rolled his eyes and the way he pulled his hair back. Oh, yes, the hair. 

To make the story short...

Yes, I am wide awake. I’ve been awake for quite some time. No worries though. Really. 

I guess I am just too excited about all that’s going on in today’s world. Don’t even know where to start. Trying to figure things out. It’s not easy.