A View Frm the Edge - Peter Riva

Prognosticating? Look at cutting edge technologies

Sometimes, especially in global turmoil and loads of flip-flopping news items, it is hard to begin to know where things are heading. Indeed, it is often even harder to determine if the nonsense said one day and un-Tweeted the next has any lasting effect or actually is taken seriously by anyone, anywhere. 

On the global stage there are often signs way after the effect, or Tweet, or lies, or executive orders have caught the news. So how are you, people who just want to know what the future may hold, supposed to glean any clue? Watch advanced technologies.

True reform? Nope

Everyone promises a better future but, when pressed, really have no idea what that means. 

Coal miners, a very honorable and stalwart group, want a return to work and prosperity. Along comes a succession of politicians promising just that, and yet not one candidate is willing to tell them the truth. 

Space and what’s coming next

Regardless of what is happening in the White House (WH), space exploration in 2017 will see major milestones across the planet. On the other hand, what the WH decides, especially what Mike Pence (the titular head of the space program) decides for NASA’s future and the space adventuring partners out there, will have great impact on U.S. exploration and technological superiority in space for decades to come. Projects take years to set up and develop and, if curtailed, are likely to become obsolete quickly.

Buckle up: defense industry predictions for ’17

Here are the top few predictions for the coming year. 

Let’s start with the big one: How big will the defense budget grow? Despite all the incumbent’s promises to strengthen the military, the general consensus in D.C. is that Mick Mulvaney (new director of the White House Management and Budget Office) is such a deficit hawk, he will push to reduce bloated programs. The F-35 looks like a prime target.