On reflection

Offering real sanctuary for our immigrants: Connecticut took a stand, is a ‘Sanctuary State’

Amidst the national shame of separating approximately 3,000 immigrant children from their parents as they entered the United States along the Mexican border, Connecticut has taken two important stands.  

Brave students and a changed college

Our Adolf Hitler birthday cakes

A Guatemalan high school senior I’ll call Estuardo, who often spends weekends at my home, arrived last winter with an English assignment. His teacher had asked the class to respond to an AP news story, “Store Won’t Make Cake for ‘Adolf Hitler.’” Since Estuardo has been in America only three years, and his English teacher takes off for grammatical and spelling errors, he often waited to complete his English assignments until he could work with me.   

Prepare to leave a blank in the 2020 Census

The right to attend school without fear of being shot

The Dickey Amendment: Why gun violence hasn’t been a researchable problem

In the wake of regular mass shootings, both sides of the gun control issue have amassed their predictable arguments. Gun control advocates cry out for instituting background checks and limiting the sale of bump stocks and assault weapons, and gun advocates remind us that it’s the bad guys, not the guns, that are the problem. What neither side mentions is that for the past 25 years, virtually no research has been conducted to deepen our understanding of gun violence and the people who own and shoot guns.

The dangerous pleasure of being right

The dangerous pleasure of being right

#Me Too

The national spigot, having been opened to accusations of sexual harassment and molestation, threatens to drench our holidays with stories both sad and sickening. Although the accused now remain confined to media celebrities and politicians, my friends and I are suddenly recalling sordid moments from our own lives that we never shared, but once seemed inherent in being a young woman alone.