Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 10-17-19

Thanks for supporting Family Services

Salisbury Family Services celebrated “Salisbury’s Own” honoring Marjory Reid on Saturday, Sept. 28. Many hands went into making this fundraising event a success presenting such a beautiful art show and dinner. We are very grateful to the Salisbury School, the faculty and staff for their support and for the use of their beautiful gallery space. 

We want to thank the art committee, Susan Knight, Rosina Rand and Judith Singelis, Jodi Luby for her beautiful graphics, The Lakeville Journal for their wonderful article on Marjory and Salisbury Garden Center for providing plants.

Thanks also to our wonderful and generous sponsors, our dinner hosts Thao and Scott Matlock, Peter Barron for all of his help at the barn, Rita Welsh Caterers and our entire event committee (too numerous to list here) chaired by Sally Spillane and Pat Best, friends and family and the Board of Salisbury Family Services who made the dinner after not only a financial success but a night to remember.

Helen Scoville 

Kim Fiertz

Co-Presidents, Salisbury Family Services



Vote for Speck and Garrity in Kent election

It is with great pleasure that I write to endorse Jean Speck and Chris Garrity for Kent’s Board of Selectmen in the local elections on Nov. 5. Bruce Adams is retiring after a decade of dedicated and progressive leadership to the town, which followed his three decades of teaching history  and civics as well as coaching sports for Kent Center School and HVRHS students. However, his legacy will be secure with the candidates who have come forward to succeed him.

I first met Jean Speck 25 years ago at a meeting of volunteer parents who felt our children were ready and needed more than half-day kindergarten. She had a son and was expecting another child; I had several children between grades K-8. The Kent Board of Education eventually agreed and there were enough children to establish two sections of full-day kindergarten. By then Jean and her husband, Tedd, with a new daughter, had become active members in the Kent Volunteer Fire Department. 

In short order, an ambulance squad was formed and Jean, characteristically, rose to assume leadership as Ambulance Chief.   Her career has served not only Kent but has extended to roles in the State Department of Public Health, where she currently coordinates and provides regulatory oversight and guidance to 51 towns and over 100 emergency medical services systems across Western and Northwestern Connecticut. 

There’s a pattern in Jean’s life — she readily takes on management responsibilities, complementing public health capabilities with systematic data collection and organization.

Prior to serving on Kent’s Board of Selectmen for the past two years, Chris Garrity, already a successful professional Realtor, has ably served on the Park and Rec. Commission, and as member and Chair of the Board of Finance.  “He knows the territory,” as the Music Man says.

A family man with three grown daughters, he does know the community and its assets, and has insights into its needs as well as ideas for development and improvements in the future.

Jean and Chris, and the full range of Democratic nominees, have expertise in the various boards and commissions they’ve agreed to serve. It will be up to each individual voter to demonstrate their support on Nov. 5.  (Absentee ballot forms are available at the Town Clerk’s office.)

Frances R. Besmer



Twitter machine

Paul Klee was Swiss born and became a superb draughtsman, Cubist and Surrealist painter.  His work, “The Twittering Machine,” is a perfect representation of our Dear Leader’s mind. You can easily find it online.

Lonnie Carter

Falls Village


Vote for Morrison, in North East

I  have been asked by a number of people why I have a campaign sign for Lana Morrison in front of my house on Undermountain Road in Salisbury. People who know me are even more surprised because I am active in Democratic politics in Connecticut. I offered a spot on my lawn to Lana because I think that Lana will do a great job for the Town of North East on the Town Council.

I have known Lana for at least 20 years, first in her capacity as a banking officer. She always provided sound, thoughtful advice and was very professional in our dealings. In my most recent experiences with Lana, I have gotten to see more of her character, her honesty and how she interacts with others when she is under stress. We play golf together and that is where your true colors are revealed. They often say that you don’t know a person’s true character until you play golf with them. In my book, Lana passes that test with flying colors. 

If I were able to cast a vote for Town Council in North East, my vote would be for Lana Morrison.

Carole Dmytryshak



There are four great candidates in Salisbury

This year’s election for Salisbury Board of Finance will allow voters to vote for four candidates.

There are four outstanding candidates running for the board that deserve your consideration, they include Emily Vail and Janet Graaff who will appear on the top line of the ballot as well as Mat Kiefer and Pari Forood who will appear as petitioning candidates on the third line.

Emily Vail is co-treasurer of the Salisbury Housing Committee and is Chairman of the Board of Women’s Support Services.

Janet Graaff is a member of the Board of Finance and also serves as treasurer on the Board of SOAR, Salisbury Central’s after school enrichment program, and is treasurer of Music Mountain’s Board of Directors.

Mat Kiefer has served for over a decade on the Board of Finance and is Vice Chairman, is Vice President of Salisbury Winter Sports Association and a member of the HVRHS Ag. Ed. Advisory Board.

Pari Forood is a member of the Board of Finance, chairman of the Salisbury Affordable Housing Commission and executive director of Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

These four candidates’ combined service to the Salisbury community and area demonstrates their commitment to the well-being of our community and to the financial security of our town.

On Election Day, Nov. 5, join me in supporting these four dedicated individuals for the Salisbury Board of Finance.

Bill Willis



Barnum for Salisbury Board of Finance

We were so pleased to learn that Marie Barnum is a candidate for the Board of Finance. She brings solid financial experience, breadth of knowledge and proven service to our community.  

For 27 years, she served as a paralegal in trust and estates with Shipman and Goodwin. She was in charge of Accounts Payable and Receivable for all private pay, Medicare and Medicaid residents at Geer. Marie has worked as a self-employed tax preparer and tax preparer for H+R Block, and at the Institute of World Affairs.  

Marie has lived in Salisbury for 46 years, and both knows and loves our town. Having served with Marie on several local committees, I know that she is a diligent and informed contributor to whatever she does.  We would be fortunate to have her represent us on the Board of Finance.

Newt and Barbara Schoenly



Elect Becket to assessment appeals board in Salisbury

Lakeville-raised Peter Becket has the requisite credentials and character to serve as an elected member on the Salisbury Board of Assessment Appeals. He has been appointed alternate on the Board since 2012. He has a record of treating real property owners fairly, which necessitates inspecting comparable properties, the neighborhood and the tax assessor’s records before a hearing to arrive at a supportable property value. 

His qualifications include earning an MBA from Columbia University, renovating houses and working as a real estate salesperson. Presently, he continues his long career as a business appraiser and also provides home repair services. I have found him to be honest, direct and ... very funny.

Do the local homeowners a favor and elect Peter Becket as a regular member of the Salisbury Board of Assessment Appeals.

Mieke Armstrong