Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago —October 1919

For Sale — Young pigs. Also potatoes. Phone 108-5.


ORE HILL — Mr. Thomas Finnegan of Salisbury was through this place on Monday.


LAKEVILLE — Donald Thrall was quite badly cut and bruised about the mouth on Saturday. While cranking a car the handle came off, flew up, hitting him in the mouth, breaking five teeth and cutting his lip and cheek.


ORE HILL — Mr. Wm. Bradley has purchased a Mitchell car from parties in Great Barrington.


LAKEVILLE — Miss Margaret Norton has gone to New York to assume her duties as a private secretary in a large advertising agency.


LIME ROCK — Mr. and Mrs. O’Meara have gone to Springfield where Mr. O’Meara has accepted a position.


FOR SALE  Carload of New Ford Touring Cars with self starters. Can give Immediate Delivery. A.S. Martin, Lakeville. 


50 years ago — October 1969

“End of an era” indications, which began with the retirement of Dr. Harry Wieler in July and continued with that of George Milmine as chairman of the Board of Finance at Salisbury’s Town Meeting Oct. 6, continue this week with the announcement of the coming retirement of Harry E. Bellini as president of the Salisbury Bank and Trust Co.


New York cut sirloin steak at .99 lb., Hunt’s tomato sauce, 8 oz. can, .10 each, and powdered Cold Water All 5 lb. 4 oz. King Size Detergent for .89, with coupon, are some items on sale at Mencuccini’s this week. 100 extra S&H stamps with $10.00 purchase with coupon. Void Wednesday Double Stamp Day.


The Sharon Woman’s Club started its fall season with an unusual event by paying tribute to Mrs. Maud Whitford, who observed her 87th birthday Saturday and had joined the Woman’s Club in 1914. Mrs. William Kelsey, president of the club, welcomed Mrs. Whitford and presented her with a corsage and a card signed by all the members and guests.


The State Water Resources Commission apparently is so bogged down with plans and specifications for new sewer systems proposed around the state that there will be a delay in further progress on the $1.5 million expanded sewer system in the Town of Salisbury.


25 years ago — October 1994

LAKEVILLE — Author Robert Yoakum, a Lakeville resident best known for his humorous articles, struck a serious note about a little known medical condition known as Restless Legs Syndrome in the September-October issue of “Modern Maturity.” The response has been overwhelming with 18,000 letters from sufferers so far, and more coming in every day.


These items originally appeared in The Lakeville Journal.