Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 9-26-19

Vote Trump out, drain the swamp for real

I would like to respond to Mark Godburn’s column in the Sept. 12 issue of The Lakeville Journal. 

Mr. Godburn made mention in his column that the press “steered millions of Americans to the Democratic Party every year” (apparently because of their favoritism toward Democrats). It was also stated that this favoritism created a far greater advantage for the left than “any small bump Trump could get from Russian meddling.” It is terrifying to me that anything about Russian meddling could be considered a “small bump.”

In fact, Donald Trump is a dangerous character who has long exhibited megalomaniacal qualities that have demeaned, demoralized and endangered our country. His bigotry, smarminess and adulation of dictators who are enemies of the United States is appalling. He speaks of his “love letters” from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, knowing this man is a murderer and would love to hit America with one of his rockets. Trump’s groveling, sycophantic admiration of Putin is repulsive and verging on treason. Imagine if Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton did or said any of this.

Donald Trump thinks his powers exceed those of the United States Congress. He ignores subpoenas, flouts the Constitution and continues to profit from his presidency. A case in point would be the military landing planes near Trump’s Turnberry Hotel in Scotland. The hotel was losing money, but now has a $3 million profit.

Donald Trump’s vitriolic rhetoric has created divisiveness, suspicion and intolerance while the American people are paying the price for his corruption and blatantly immoral politics. From Trump’s inhumane immigration policy, global warming denial, love of enemies of the United States, taking $3.6 billion from the military to build a useless wall, Sharpiegate, thousands of lies, the list goes on and on endlessly.

“Drain the swamp” has been Donald Trump’s motto since the beginning of his 2016 campaign. As his presidency continues, it is clear that Mr. Trump is a prominent member of the swamp. For the sake of our country, we must vote him out. 

Gretchen M. Gordon



Climate challenges are complex and real

What is green? We live in challenging times. The resiliency of the ecosystem (air, land, water and biodiversity) is not a competing interest but the playing field that all human endeavors compete upon.  Without a functioning, resilient and interconnected ecosystem human beings face unprecedented future challenges. Our polarized political system substitutes solid scientific peer-reviewed studies and data for sound bites such as “Fake News” or “The Green New Deal.” At the federal level, environmental protections that have evolved over decades are being erased under the misguided premise that absent regulation the economy will flourish. Short-term gain is substituted for long-term vision. Federal agencies including the USDA and EPA suppress their scientists’ data on the far reaching effects of climate change. Politicizing science is not a new idea. It was embraced by fascist regimes in the 1930s.  

Traditional environmental concerns are co-opted by “The Green New Deal.” Masquerading under this green umbrella are proposals that have nothing to do with the environment, but seek to redefine society. While universal healthcare, free college tuition, elimination of student debt or reparations for past injustices merit discussion, they are not environmental stewardship (i.e., green). As such, they make ever-the-more difficult efforts to secure the ecological health of our planet by polarizing the electorate. 

Closer to home, Connecticut’s misguided incentives to promote solar energy cause destruction and fragmentation of our landscape. “Solar sprawl” threatens our forests, farmlands, waters and ecosystem connectivity. Infill solar energy systems, in areas of the state that are developed and fragmented, hold great promise. But incentives to use infill areas are lacking. The recent inclusion of energy in Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection diverts resources from traditional conservation needs to energy production.  

Few politicians understand the complexity of these challenges, and that one-size-fits-all policies fail to protect the environment. Several in-depth conversations with our 64th District Rep. Maria Horn over the last six months concerning Connecticut’s flawed environmental policies are promising. Her grasp of these complex issues and her efforts to address them gives me hope in these troubling times.    

Michael W. Klemens, PhD



Dear Mr. Metcalf, please stop suing our town

On Sept. 11, B. Metcalf Paving Inc. filed its third legal action against the Town of North Canaan Planning and Zoning Commission in Litchfield Superior Court. Included in the latest filing, the town zoning enforcement officer was also named as a defendant. 

For those unfamiliar with the situation, B. Metcalf Paving is trying to put in an asphalt plant within one-third of a mile of residences and the Blackberry River in violation of Connecticut General Statute 22a-196 in the Department of Economic and Environmental Protection regulations. This in itself should prevent any asphalt plant from being constructed at this site.  

The location is a bucolic area. Residences surround the site. Farms cover the majority of the land. We in East Canaan like to brag that there are more cows than people living here. There are industries here already. The balance of industry to residential areas is already tipped in favor of industry in North Canaan compared to our neighboring towns. Our zoning regulations state their purpose is “to retain the general quality of life in North Canaan.” The addition of an asphalt plant can in no way be seen to do this.

The lawsuits filed by B. Metcalf Paving have awakened a sleepy town into action. It’s apparent that the majority of the residents are against having an asphalt plant in North Canaan, as indicated by signed petitions and attendance at town meetings (over 200 people attended a meeting in May). These lawsuits are costing our town money and causing town officials to resign. Mr. Metcalf has been quoted to say that what the residents of North Canaan are doing is “unconscionable.” We are not suing the town; we are trying to protect our town and its long-term goals to regain its status as a town with a future.

So please, Mr. Metcalf, stop suing our town and its officials.  Please find a more environmentally appropriate location to manufacture your asphalt.

Robin Markey

East Canaan


Don’t give illegals legal driver’s licenses

The 9/11 Commission, which investigated the causes of attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people stated that U.S. driver’s licenses issued to the terrorists were essential tools enabling them to plan, finance, rehearse and carry out their attacks.

Driver’s licenses let them live openly, rent motel rooms, freely move from place to place, open bank accounts to receive financing from their terror masters. They were able to buy airline tickets and check out security arrangements to learn how to evade suspicion. On Sept. 11, licenses enabled them to board the jets they turned into weapons of mass murder.

The 9/11 Commission concluded that every illegal alien is a person whose true identity is unknown. Thus, every illegal alien entering and living illegally in the U.S. may be a gang member, a human trafficker, a drug smuggler or be the cause of the next 9/11.

Now, Gov. Lamont and his Democrats have decided to open America’s skies and roads, to afford freedom to the next 9/11 terrorists by granting licenses to illegals. They prohibit police from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. “It’s not our job,” they say, “to enforce immigration law.” As if Connecticut were not part of the USA and had zero role to play in protecting citizens from terrorists and criminals.

The illegal alien lobby claims that not all illegals are criminals.This is false. Every illegal is in continuous violation of law by living here. Every illegal with a job is taking it from a law abiding American or “legal” immigrant in need of such job. Every illegal going to school is adding a burden to our schools’ fellow students and taxpayers, and potentially putting our children in harm’s way.  Every illegal using a driver’s license to vote is a criminal. 

It’s time for Democrats to stop facilitating the next 9/11:  Cancel the driver’s licenses of illegals.

Russ Hurley