Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — September 1919

SALISBURY — Today the garden team representing the Salisbury Farmerettes with their leader, Miss Marion Eggleston, also the canning team representing the N.I.K.E. Club will attend the State Fair at Berlin and give a demonstration.


Hezekiah Goodwin of Lime Rock has a supply of soft running water, and the only force he uses is gravity. A 60 barrel tank on a hill back of the house, safe from frost, is filled from the eaves. The tank is high enough to furnish the house with running water.


SALISBURY — Stanley Sherwood and Paul Parsons are employed at Poughkeepsie for a few days inspecting ties.


LAKEVILLE — Mr. Edward E. Bartram was in Winsted Wednesday taking the civil service examinations for postmaster at this office.


The farmers are busy cutting their corn and filling their silos.


LAKEVILLE — Frank C. Bartle has returned from his vacation which he spent in Waterbury and other places.


50 years ago — September 1969

An urgent appeal was made Wednesday asking the public for confidential tips to help recover 75 to 100 sticks of stolen dynamite still missing five days after the frightening bombings which damaged the Housatonic Valley Regional High School and Hartford Electric Light Co. property in Falls Village early Friday morning. Everyone involved in following the case on Friday agreed that it was fortunate that the bombers were not expert in handling the explosives or the high school’s entire front entrance could have been tumbled.


Miss Barbara Garrity RN of Lakeville, night supervisor of Sharon Hospital’s emergency room, is herself a patient this week after a freak accident that occurred as she rushed to assist an emergency case in the hospital. While running to the ER, her ring caught on a door latch and she fell, hitting her head and tearing her hand. Nurses rushed to help her but she waved them off, insisting that they take care of the emergency patient first. So this nurse, who is always first to help accident victims, lay on the floor until her patient was treated, and then was admitted as a patient.


Mrs. Irving Tier of Lakeville is something of a paradox, spending countless hours in the air and still keeping her feet on the ground. She is a charter member of the “Ninety-Nines,” as was her friend and fellow pilot Amelia Earhart, and still flies “for the sheer, unmitigated joy of it!” The “99s” was formed by 99 out of 117 women holding pilot’s licenses in 1929. The Tiers’ Cessna 170A, a four-place private plane, is tethered at Canaan Airport and often transports the family to their summer cottage on Silver Bay, Lake George, N.Y.


25 years ago — September 1994

LAKEVILLE — The two fire engines that have been on display with a “For Sale” sign outside Lakeville Hose Co. headquarters for the past few months have been sold to a company in Georgia for $7,005. The Georgia firm came in with the highest of three bids and plans to resell the trucks.

New items were extracted from past issues of The Lakeville Journal.