Honorable justice: the Gallagher trial

Regarding the recent military court martial of Special Operations Naval Chief Eddie Gallagher and his subsequent acquittal of charges — this event wakened the fighting spirit in this old Vietnam veteran.

First: Junior Navy Seals brought charges against Chief Gallagher for murder (killing an enemy combatant ISIS fighter). High military command, including the Secretary of the Navy (SON), approved this court martial. 

Second: This indicates a few red flags. Honor, loyalty and honesty have been seriously eroding in our military for many years. It’s especially disheartening that it now includes our special forces. 

Third: I believe some under-experienced Seals conveniently slipped through the superhuman rigorous training system. They either had poor trainers (which is doubtful) or went on to receive their tridents due to political connections and orders, the latter being the most likely. 

Fourth: This event will seriously affect future recruiting efforts of special operations personnel.

Chief Gallagher was perceived by some as being too strict. Too many without strict commanders wound up coming home in an American flag-draped casket to Dover Air Force base to reunite with their families (SAD!).

There is a veiled curtain in this world that separates reality from evil. Most civilians fail to appreciate the sacrifices of our warriors to keep evil on one side of the curtain and freedom upon its opposite side — and very sadly, some just don’t care.

But fear not — America’s best will always be there to support your under appreciated constitutional freedoms. I often question why? You can burn their symbolic American flag, spit upon them and try to demoralize them. But it won’t work. They will always be there, the less than 1%, to give you the right to do so.

I am angry — if I were President Trump I would call the SON into conference and ask why this individual lied to the commander in chief (CIC). The SON claimed undeniable evidence of guilt against Chief Gallagher. At trial, the jury of combat vets all disagreed with the SON and found Chief Gallagher innocent. If the SON does not provide acceptable, honest answers the CIC should fire him on the spot and commence a justice investigation upon charges initiating this investigation.

 Justice hasn’t prevailed for the past several years but its integrity is now falling back in place.

Millerton resident Larry Conklin is a Vietnam veteran, and a  member of the Millerton American Legion Post 178 and VFW Post 6851 in North Canaan, Conn.