Two cultural icons mark milestones in 2019

It seems as if June crept up on us this year, what with lots of rain and cooler weather. But it has arrived, with some warmer sunny days that can adjust one’s mood to a summer attitude pretty quickly. One of the aspects of summer life in the Tri-state region that can lift anyone’s spirits is the vast array of cultural events at our fingertips, many of them less costly than in the cities and more easily accessible.

Two noteworthy milestones for very local cultural institutions are the 60th anniversary of the Sharon Playhouse and the 90th season of Music Mountain in Falls Village. This longevity puts them both in very elite company, and their continued ability to attract patrons from all over benefits the area businesses that cater to visitors and those area residents who enjoy an afternoon or evening out on the town. 

Such summer culture in this region combines the love of music and a love of nature. A concert at Music Mountain gives those who attend the opportunity to stroll around the beautiful grounds at the top of the mountain, socializing with other patrons and taking advantage of being able to be outdoors in the warm weather. Hearing the birds sing, the bees buzz and the people speaking about music rather than politics (in most cases) before a concert can afford some beneficial peace of mind that is only enhanced and prolonged by the music itself. 

And Sharon Playhouse has a welcoming patio, with wine, refreshment, good company and often song. It is a celebration of the beauty of the area as well as the talent that resides here, or comes to visit in the summer. The playhouse itself has a rustic quality that gives the audience a sense of enjoyable relaxation while still being able to take in high-quality entertainment. The enthusiasm of the current staff at the playhouse is very welcome, and this summer that enthusiasm is translating into more varied productions for all age groups.

Look for stories on them in The Lakeville Journal publications during the summer, especially in the weekly Compass arts and entertainment section. Don’t let the season go by without supporting these local treasures, for your benefit and for theirs. 

Let’s try to keep them around for another 60 or 90 years, and more.