‘Bullet’ Sherwood: An extraordinary life, very well lived

Photo by Anne Day

There are few community members who are so well known and beloved that just about everyone knows them. And fewer still who are instantly recognizable by the mention of just one name. This is as it was with Robert “Bullet” Sherwood, who was Salisbury’s quintessential volunteer, often the first at the scene of a fire or accident, directing traffic or taking on some other necessary task. 

Over the years, he could be found helping costumed children cross the street safely on Halloween, and representing Santa to give those same children a magical holiday. He was always willing to help out with volunteer activities of all kinds, and was often the face of the event to the general public, as he was the one out in front telling them where to go, what to do and what was going on. 

Bullet was also there to help with many other things behind-the-scenes, at church, school, veterans’ and community events of all kinds. And his devotion to his family and his many friends was foremost, and clear to all who knew him. He had an impact on so many lives, and all age groups, through his kindness, humor and general love and understanding of his fellow humans.

He left this Earth on Friday, May 31. See more on him, his life and his legacy in The Lakeville Journal this week.

Farewell to him, with profound gratitude for a long life of service to his community.