In appreciation: Jack Murtagh

We would like to thank our wonderful community for the outpouring of support after the loss of  a loving husband, dad, grandpa and brother, Jack Murtagh. 

Jack passed away on April 25 while recovering from heart surgery.

Thank you to the Kenny Funeral Home for taking special care of us and Jack during this difficult time and knowing that it was just as difficult for you.

Thank you to Saint Bernard’s Church for the touching service.

Thank you to Saint Francis Hospital, where Jack spent his last month. Although none of us imagined fate would take the turn that it did, the doctors, nurses and staff always treated him with kindness and compassion. We witnessed nurses who were extremely passionate and dedicated and always ensured that Jack was comfortable.

A very special thank you to Jack’s second family, the Sharon Fire and Ambulance Department. The members have all gone way above and beyond what could ever be expected. The members were involved with every aspect of his service, from the welcoming home ceremony, calling hours, funeral and reception. The services were such a beautiful tribute to Jack. Thank you to the members for providing the abundance of food at the reception. 

Thank you to all of the friends and family for the cards, food, flowers, kind words, prayers and thoughts. Thanks to all who have made memorial donations to the Sharon Fire and Ambulance. 

We loved hearing the memories you shared about Jack and were touched to hear story after story of the people he helped and lives that he saved. 

With sincere appreciation,

The Family of Jack Murtagh