Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News - 10-11-18

Barrett is a friend of Millerton

We have a great and clear choice in the upcoming election for our member of the New York State Assembly. Didi Barrett (D-104) has been our Assemblywoman representing Millerton for six years, and her experience and her commitment to Millerton and the town of North East has benefited us hugely.

Didi has hosted countless meetings with her constituents at Irving Farm coffeehouse, where anyone can show up and ask her questions and learn about what’s going on in Albany. She has been an important advocate for the role of agriculture in the Hudson Valley, and has passed legislation to promote carbon farming, which helps put carbon back into the soil instead of into the atmosphere. 

And she led the charge to get us $200,000 for a new weed harvester for Rudd Pond, which is such an important step toward bringing back Rudd Pond State Park. And those are just a few of the many actions she has taken that help us.

Didi Barrett has shown a real commitment to Millerton and North East, and we should keep her as our assemblymember. I’m proud to support her, and I urge her re-election on Nov. 6.

Chris Kennan