Support from emergency responders a comfort in the worst of times

One of the most difficult things that can happen to any family is to have one of their loved ones disappear suddenly, no matter what the cause. Unexpected deaths can take people of all ages, as evidenced in the obituaries in this newspaper every week, but when there is an accident involved and the outcome is unclear, it is all the more excruciating.

This was the case for the family of German Perez of Ashley Falls, who lost his life in the Housatonic River in North Canaan during the recent heavy rains that caused dangerous road and river conditions. It was a week between the time he entered the river and his body was found about a mile downstream. In that week, the Perez family themselves were out on the river banks searching for him. They were side by side with emergency responders from all over the region.

When such tragedy happens, it is to the highly trained emergency workers that the public turns for help and support. The sound of emergency sirens, throughout the period of heavy rains in the past weeks, chilled all who heard them to the bone. There were other accidents that resulted in loss of life as well over the past weeks, and each time, emergency responders were at the scene as quickly as possible, no matter the weather or road conditions at the time.  

Thank you to all of the responders who rush toward any emergency, rather than trying to get to safety themselves. Those dive teams who entered the river as it rose due to continued rains to find first the truck and then German Perez’s remains are dedicated and courageous. We are all indebted to them for their willingness to help in any situation.

Deepest condolences to the Perez family, and to all those who have lost loved ones on the road.