Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — September 1918

SALISBURY — Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Ryan and son of Springfield and Miss Carrie Marston of New York are visiting at Fred Marston’s.


Please save all fruit pits including peach, plum, apricot and olive pits. Clean thoroughly, dry and send them to your Red Cross work room. The Government asks for them for use in the manufacturing of gas masks.


SALISBURY — Miss Clara Stone has entered the Northfield School for the coming year.


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Amundson and C. Cashdollar and family were in camp at Cornwall Pond over Sunday.


LAKEVILLE — The new cement platform around the station, recently constructed by the Railway Co., is a great improvement.


On Sept. 12, some 63 years ago, a young physician began practicing in Lakeville. During all those years Dr. William Bissell has brought health and comfort to many families in this vicinity. His old friends extend to him congratulations and good wishes.


A frost on Wednesday morning was a sharp reminder of what we may expect.


50 years ago — September 1968

Judge Yale Matzkin continued his crusade to insist on proper attire for defendants appearing before him when he presided over 18th Circuit Court session in North Canaan Town Hall on Sept. 10. This time the Waterbury judge, who told male defendants at Salisbury court session Sept. 5 to wear jackets and ties, criticized women defendants. He said women should appear before him dressed in dresses or skirts and that shorts and slacks would not be permitted.


Area parents and their ballerina daughters will be distressed to learn of Mrs. William Hain’s decision to close her ballet school in Sharon. Mrs. Hain says she is giving up her ballet in order to spend more time with her husband and travel with him more frequently.


Boneless pot roast at 79 cents lb., Purina Dog Chow, 10 lb. bag for $1.39, and Vine Ripened Cantaloupes 3 for 89 cents are among items on sale this week at Lakeville Food Center.


25 years ago — September 1993

Two area bicyclists gained an appreciation for America’s natural beauty and local hospitality this summer during an ambitious cross-country bicycle trek from Lakeville to Colorado. Dan Hayhurst of Lakeville and Jeremy Knapp of Kent, both members of the graduating class of 1992 at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, hit the road this summer on their touring bicycles, bound for Colorado and Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, a 2500-mile adventure that was the longest trip either avid bicyclist had ever attempted.


News items are taken from past issues of The Lakeville Journal.