Millbrook looks ahead with Comprehensive Plan update

A Comprehensive Plan is an important planning tool for any municipality. It can help shape a community’s vision of how it would like to develop, with a 10- or 15-year forecast. It is the basis for land-use regulations and zoning, and helps a town or village establish and protect its own unique characteristics and traits.

The village of Millbrook, inarguably one of the nicest communities in the Harlem Vally, is at the onset of revamping its Comprehensive Plan, last done in 1985. Though the village started to revisit the plan back in 2015, it basically hasn’t been touched since the ‘80s.

That’s a long time for a community — in this case both the village of Millbrook and the town of Washington (in which the village sits) — to go without an updated Comprehensive Plan. 

Things change over time, like demographics. The average age of Millbrook residents and the population of school-age students are both statistics that have shifted greatly in the last 20-plus years. Those are issues the village should be aware of as it looks at how it would like to develop and grow as a community.

Some things, like the need to keep the village attractive and neat and ongoing issues like the need to regulate signage in the business district, have remained constants during the past years.

What’s important now is that village leaders, specifically Trustee Kyle Van De Water, have been working hard to get Millbrook geared for the future. Van De Water has been looking into the logistics of updating the Comprehensive Plan and how to not only afford the update but how to organize all the players. The Village Board met at the end of July to discuss the issue, and we’re pleased to note that it voted to move forward and redo its plan.

Good news, for a community like Millbrook needs to reevaluate where it stands every once in a while, and where it would like to go. Its residents and lawmakers work hard to ensure that everyone can coexist, live side-by-side in a beautiful, serene and pleasant setting. They want to know that while lovely, Millbrook and the greater Washington area will be able to protect its resources for all to enjoy in the future. They want to guard against over-development, and under-development, and hit that sweet spot where life is balanced and the economy is strong.

The powers that be are smart in reevaluating what they have on the books and looking to make improvements.  They are smart, too, in understanding that they need a road map of sorts to help them get to where they’d like to be. 

We look forward to the planning process, and seeing the journey along the way. Mostly, though, we look forward to the village protecting its assets, promoting its benefits and providing its residents with a future that’s bright and fulfilling. 

We feel confident the Village Board — and anyone who works with it in pursuit of an updated Comprehensive Plan — will be able to make good and deliver a community in which anyone would want to reside or work. Good luck, Millbrook, we can’t wait to see the results.