Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 8-30-18

Protests warranted

I felt compelled to respond to John Waters’ letter “Stress in our Lives” (Aug 26, 2018). He is bothered by the amount of protest observed, and the lack of respect accorded the president. I wanted to offer another view:

First of all, in a democracy we are all entitled to protest. That (and a free press) is what separates us from an authoritarian nation (i.e. Russia, Iran, Philippines). It may be disruptive (tho two seniors with a sign wouldn’t seem to be), but is essential to keeping Americans free. I remember my greatest-generation parents taking me to an anti-war rally as a child, and know my mom went to Washington in her 20’s to support the League of Nations. Unions demonstrated for better wages, women for the right to vote and African Americans for their civil rights. There is a tradition of progress through protest.

Second, I’m afraid respect DOES need to be earned. The current occupant of the White House happens to be a horrible human being (I’ve observed him for four decades in NYC). He is divisive, not very bright, mean, lazy, racist and sexist. HE has demeaned the office of the president — making policy through ill-considered middle of the night tweets, scapegoating immigrants, lying, threatening opponents, insulting allies and cozying up to dictators. He is childish and undignified. His knowledge of world affairs, history and civility is nil. His well-being comes before ours. All this is unprecedented for a U.S. leader.

Third, and perhaps worst of all, his “policies” while in office are destructive. He’s appointed a cabinet of wealthy corporate shills. They daily work to destroy their agencies and against our interests. Should America withdraw from treaties, threaten nuclear war, install destructive tariffs, assist polluters, sell off public lands, dismantle public education (plus healthcare, Social Security and Medicare)? Should the president be supportive of Nazis and Klan members? Should this administration continue to drastically cut taxes for the top 1 percent of our people, and do nothing for Trump’s working and middle-class supporters?

Trump and his aides are demolishing principles that previous presidents, Republican and Democrat, have steadily constructed over generations. He is selfish, impulsive and arrogant. Protesting against this president is the only appropriate and patriotic response. 

Leo Blackman



Thanks to many

I want to thank Sheriff Taylor, Millerton policeman Ed, EMT Sharon, and ME Tiffany for their compassion and help on July 21, 2018. I am sorry I don’t remember your last names but I will always remember your kindness.

My family and I want to thank everyone who came to Gary’s services. Your thoughtfulness and kind words were greatly appreciated and helped us through this heartbreaking time.

Jeanne Thornton Schwager (mother) and 

family of Gary Thornton