Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 8-23-18

Reclaim New York’s goal

Reclaim New York is an organization founded by the fervently conservative Rebekah Mercer, daughter of hedge-fund billionaire and arch-conservative Robert Mercer. She funds Reclaim through the Mercer Family Foundation and is its chairman, treasurer and director. 

Reclaim New York has  been working in New York state since 2013. According to the latest tax filings, by 2015, the organization had received $1.25 million from the Mercer Family Foundation. 

Reclaim New York claims its mission is to help the citizens of New York by watching how their tax dollars are spent, which the organization says is often frivolously. The organization also claims to be nonprofit and nonpartisan. But its connections to the hyper-partisan Mercer family make these claims doubtful.  

Reclaim New York is definitely looking to infiltrate politics with its “army of volunteers.”  They have attacked Governor Cuomo on many issues, like the renaming of the Tappan Zee Bridge. Tom Basile, the senior advisor of policy on the board of Reclaim, is currently running for New York State Senate in the 39th District. Rebekah Mercer is an $18,000 contributor to his campaign. In addition, John Lange, former Hudson Valley Regional Director for Reclaim, has now been recycled into John Faso’s Director of Communication.

What might the future hold? A Reclaim Connecticut is already here. A Reclaim Massachusetts, perhaps even a Reclaim New England? It may well be so.

Barbara Graham



Stress in our lives

Seems to me the majority of folks in this county go to bed on full stomachs and live in relative comfort. Yet there is so much unrest in our society we seldom go a day without being subjected to another protest group. Even worse, many of the protests are laughable. Knowing that, most of us shake our heads and go about our business choosing to ignore the sheeple.

Several weeks ago I witnessed a senior couple carrying placards through the center of the village that said, “Trump is a tick.” How sad it is we have come to this. Personally I find it disturbing to note how easily many people gleefully denigrate the office of our president.

How quickly we have moved past those folks referred to as the greatest generation. Apparently flag and country have little meaning these days. No walls, no borders, perhaps eventually no country.

They say respect has to be earned. No doubt our president has his shortcomings. Nevertheless, he is the leader of our country, for no other reason he deserves better. I wish we could turn the clock back to a time when most Americans felt that way.

John Walters



Stand up for a free press

My late husband, William Colvin Whalen, was a  grandson of Colvin Card, founder, publisher and editor of The Millerton News.  

How proud he would have been to see the paper among those bringing attention to freedom of the press in papers throughout the nation today.   

Congratulations for reminding your readers that journalism is a truly honorable profession and must be allowed to function freely for as long as  this country does.   

Mary H. Whalen  

Westport, Conn.

Editor’s note: Col Card published the weekly newspaper in Millerton and started The Lakeville Journal in Connecticut.