In appreciation: Bill Buehrle

The Town of Sharon owes a lot to Bill Buehrle, who died June 23, 2018. 

The water in the Sharon Water System used to consist intermittently of mud and brown water from the tap. Such water can be very dangerous and carry disease. 

When Bob Moeller became our first selectman in 1987, he secured a federal grant to build a filtration plant. He also found Bill to join the Water Commission. 

Bill was an electrical engineer, but he used to say electricity flows from positive charge to negative charge, and water flows from higher elevation to lower elevation. The principles of how you control the energy and flow are very similar. 

Bill was experienced in private industry and in government, and he knew how to get the two to work together. 

We found another engineer who had experience dealing with water power (Harry Hall), and these two men provided much of the intellectual muscle to improve our water (and sewer) systems. 

Largely due to their work, 300 residences and apartments, our hospital, the Sharon Nursing Home, many doctors offices, the public school, the Town Hall, the Sharon Playhouse, the shopping center, other locations and several businesses all have water that meets the standards of the Safe Water Drinking Act. 

Everyone can be grateful for that. 

Thank you, Bill.

Malcolm Brown, M.D.

Former Water Commissioner, Town of Sharon