Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-28-18

Police are doing their jobs

I am writing in response to “Concerns about police practices in Millerton” in the June 14 Millerton News.

After reading this article many times, I am still puzzled as police officers are apparently doing their jobs. All of the “minor infractions” listed are just that, minor infractions. Here is a wake–up call for all of you out there who drive in New York state.

1. Speeding (in excess of the posted speed limit) is just that, speeding (even 8 mph over the posted speed limit). Comes with points which vary on how fast you are going.

2. Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, no matter where it is or what time of day it is, is just that — passing a stop sign, and comes with points.

3. Not dimming your headlamps to oncoming traffic is a violation and comes with points on your license.

4. Driving without your seatbelt on is a violation, passengers too. (Starting your car before buckling up — come on now that’s just silly!) “Click it, or ticket” is a statewide campaign.

5. Using your cellular device while driving is a violation, and comes with points.

6. DWI is a misdemeanor or felony, points are your least concern for this one.

That’s just a few.

Also, remember when traveling on all roads in Millerton, the police are there, too, if you ever need them. They are not just confined to Main Street and Route 22. It also makes me wonder why someone would not want to partake in nighttime activities in Millerton unless they were doing something illegal?

Remember, history shows that some major crimes have been solved by young observant (some could say over-zealous) police officers, who have stopped a vehicle or ticketed a vehicle, for a “minor infractions.” (Examples: Joel Rifkin; Ted Bundy; David Berkowitz — for the millenials out there he was the “Son of Sam,” whose vehicle was given a parking ticket, which lead to his conviction).

I know most of the officers in the Millerton Police Department. They are fine men, and do their jobs well. They are taught by the best, by one of the toughest and best police academies in the state. They are doing a tough job in a tough time.

Tom Cuddeback


The writer is a retired Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office detective.


Little League tourney was great

On Saturday, June 16, I had the opportunity to watch my grandson play in the John Lamb Little League Baseball Tournament. This was a very successfully run event for players from Pine Plains, Millerton, Amenia and Dover Plains, New York, and two teams from Connecticut: Salisbury/Lakeville and a three-town team from Sharon, Cornwall and Kent. The Sharon, Cornwall and Kent players were the winners of the tournament.

I would like to commend the organizer, coaches, players and the merchants who contributed to make this event such a success.

This tournament gave the young people a chance to put down their cell phones and devices and play America’s Favorite Pastime. With more events like this, there will be fewer articles in the papers about the unlawful things our youth are engaged in.

John Crodelle Sr.



Library walk part of Irondale Schoolhouse fun afternoon

Bring your walking shoes: there is another fun afternoon scheduled at the Irondale Schoolhouse on Saturday, July 7.

Book reading, face painting and a short walk are planned making for a fun afternoon for all youngsters.   

We’ll kick things off at the library at 12:30 p.m., where all those in attendance will enjoy a story about schoolhouses.  Then we’ll take a leisurely walk to the Irondale Schoolhouse for some face painting by Pat Johnson, and more stories. There just might be a few treats available as well. The program begins at the NorthEast-Millerton Library, located at 75 Main St.  

Families of all ages and abilities are welcome.

John Walters


The writer is secretary of Friends of the Irondale Schoolhouse.