Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-14-18

Volcano victims in need of help

As many of you know, I spend most of the year in Guatemala, although I’m still a resident of Salisbury, maintain a house there and vote.

The recovery efforts for the victims of the eruption of Fuego Volcano (Fire Volcano)  in Guatemala have been challenging, and the response has been overwhelming. So overwhelming that many organizations coordinating recovery are now focusing on relocating and housing victims of the destroyed villages.

If you feel compelled to make a donation, and I urge you to do so, I recommend Miracles in Action, (http://miraclesinaction.org/), which also has a home office in Naples, FL: Miracles in Action, 3559 Kent Dr. , Naples, FL 34112.

Miracles in Action uses 100 percent of donations directly for its projects, and volcano recovery is now one of those. All administration costs are funded by specific donors in the U.S., and by fundraising here in Guatemala. All donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you for anything you can do to help.

Jim Britt

Guatemala & Salisbury


Vote for Gareth Rhodes on June 26

There is a Democratic Primary on June 26.  Seven candidates are vying for the opportunity to oppose Republican John Faso for US District 19’s House seat. I am writing to encourage Democrats to vote for Gareth Rhodes. What sets Gareth apart is his campaign ethic, which is exemplified by his commitment to visit all 163 towns and cities in the 19th Congressional District so that he can listen to people directly. He recently completed that goal.

Gareth has been endorsed by two labor unions, the Communication Workers of America, Local 1120 and the Teamsters, Locals 445 and 456.  

“Gareth’s working class upbringing here in NY-19, his hard work farming and drilling wells, putting himself through college, record of public service, and lifelong commitment to labor unions make him the candidate that organized labor can rally behind to beat John Faso.” (Barry Russell, Principal Officer of Local 445). 

In addition, Gareth has received a recommendation from Moms Demand Action as a gun sense candidate.

Visit his website garethrhodes.com to see a video of Gareth and photos that tell the story of his “take it to the people” campaign.

Mary Lynn Kalogeras

North East