Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News - 5-24-18

I am not usually a royalist

Hey, I’m a fifth-generation American, but since I was up around 4:30 a.m., I tuned into a few minutes of the wedding.  Went back to bed and returned at 6:30 to watch the proceedings.

Even though I am a Caucasian Elderly Senior (I think that’s my politically correct designation), I became Meghan Markle’s sweet looking black mother, when I first glimpsed my daughter, diamond tiara in place, and shed a tear at how lovely she was on this day when she was to become the Duchess of Sussex.

And then the real treat was the sermon. A Huggable Black Gentleman, the 27th presiding prelate of the American Episcopal Church, was spectacular.  Bishop Michael Curry, head of the American Episcopal Church, embraced the handsome young couple and the A-List attendees with a sermon about “The Power of Love.”   And you could not help but be moved by his words, and his delivery.  He spoke of Jesus speaking of the commandments, the first being to love thy God above all things and secondly, to love thy neighbor. Everything else is secondary to these two all powerful commandments. He spoke of all parts of life, how would it be, if love was a way? Government, corporations, families … 

He also referenced the Power of Fire, which has allowed us to sanitize our lives and our food, thereby saving millions of lives, and that warmth has allowed the world to migrate to colder places, and that fire powers the jet that brought him across the Atlantic.

I hung on every word, and couldn’t help but think about The Power of a Great Minister. You listen, you learn, you think about the message. We are fortunate in a small but loving Presbyterian congregation in Amenia, in that we have a minister who teaches us and makes us think. I hope he heard that sermon because he would have loved the essence, the delivery, the intimacy of it in a huge chapel.  Wow.  No, wow!

The queen, always serene, sat quietly, now 92, with her almost 97-year-old hubby at her side.  My, what a new world that this beautiful creature could join the Royal Family — a divorced, bi-racial creature.  

I didn’t watch after they left the church and boarded the carriage for the ride through Windsor. But I wish them the power of love, and hope it is an important legacy in their lives. It’s not easy, kids. Try not to sweat the small stuff and remember that boy/girl who made you a product of love. 

I wish them the power of love — forever.

James Flaherty