Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 4-26-18

There should have been a festival

I have a saying that I live by: “There are three sides to every story: your side, my side and then the truth.” 

After reading your coverage of the cancellation of Spring for Sound it was not clear to me that you provided all sides of the story. 

When people from the Village Board say they worked with the producers of Spring for Sound and were surprised and disappointed that the festival was canceled, I wonder how cooperative these board members really were? If they had truly tried to work with the producers of Spring for Sound, instead of dictating what can and cannot happen, then there would have been a festival this year. 

I also find it disconcerting that the people of Millerton who were opposed to the festival could not find it in themselves to allow the NECC to have this one day a year to raise up to $30,000. It’s just one day. It is a shame that the only voices that were listened to were the minority who yelled the loudest. 

The majority of Millerton is saddened by the loss of the festival. What if the NECC approaches the village and town asking for tax dollars to make up for the loss? I am confident then that the residents of Millerton would have preferred the festival take place. 

It’s a good thing this board doesn’t have anything to do with Mardi Gras.

Andrew Stayman 

Pine Plains


Irondale Schoolhouse opens

Take note fun seekers: The Irondale Schoolhouse is scheduled to reopen Saturday, May 26. 

This year there will be more fun things for the kids and adults, too. 

Activities include food and entertainment starting at noon. Bee Bee the Clown will entertain with magic acts, balloon art and puppets. The first performance is scheduled at 12:30 p.m., followed by two more, one hour apart. 

Enjoy the show while munching on sliders or dogs. Proceeds support The Sunday in the Country Food Drive.  

Top it off with a free ice-cream sundae courtesy of Stewart’s Shops. Get here early as free sundaes are limited to the first 100 visitors. 

We thank Stewart’s for their generosity. 

So come on over. Help support your community by joining in the fun.

John Walters,


Friends of the 

Irondale Schoolhouse



Appreciation for Saperstein’s


Millerton has a big heart! On Saturday, the community showed its real character with a celebratory party for Lewis and the Saperstein family for their 70-plus years of business in Millerton. Friends and former customers attended what was truly a memorable event at the now closed store with music, a slide show of the history of Saperstein’s and food and drink.

The party committee is grateful to all who participated and donated to this wonderful party: Our thanks to Eleanor Nurzia of 52 Main, The Millerton Inn, Hathaway, Oakhurst Diner, Taro’s, Irving Farm, Harney Tea, Country Gardeners, Millerton Fresh Market and the Millerton Fire Department.

And we wish Lewis a Happy Retirement!

James Hendrick, Chris Kennan, Bianca 

Martin, Catherine Fenn, Dick Hermans

Committee members