Turning Back The Pages

100 years ago — 1918

SALISBURY — A telephone has been installed in the home of Malcolm Spurr. 


TACONIC — Alfred Rood had the misfortune to cut his foot seriously with an axe.


LIME ROCK — Ralph Woodin has bought the blacksmith shop in Falls Village formerly owned by the late O.J. Sabin and expects to move there soon.


SALISBURY — Miss Beth Hatmaker was absent from her duties at Clark’s Store the first part of the week owing to illness.


CANAAN — Henry B. Ives is in the hospital at Pittsfield, Mass., where he underwent an operation on his nose last week. He is doing well.


The coal situation in Lakeville is now considerably better. The Spurr Co. have received several carloads and have been able to furnish purchasers a ton at a time. Many people who had purchased wood are still using it to help out.


50 years ago — 1968

Miss Shirley Kidd, waiting for her mother outside their home on Selleck Hill, Salisbury, Tuesday morning, heard a crash from the house. The sound was followed by a cry from Mrs. Kidd that “there’s a large animal on your bed, Shirley … It’s lying on its back.” After trying unsuccessfully to reach David Brazee, Dog Warden and accepted authority on all mountain wildlife, Miss Kidd stopped a passing truck and asked the driver for help. He went in and brought out the body of a huge bird which he said was a large hawk. Decidedly “shook,” the two ladies didn’t inspect the invader at too close range and the truck driver took the carcass away.


LAKEVILLE — Erwin Ney died Tuesday Feb. 27 at his home in Smithtown, Long Island, after a short illness. Mr. Ney was for many years the Metropolitan Insurance agent in this area and resided on Orchard Street.


25 years ago — 1993

FALLS VILLAGE — Kellogg School eighth-graders have been working hard to earn money for the class trip in the spring to Washington, D.C. Their efforts will continue Friday March 5 when the class will host a lasagna dinner at the school. The eight-member class accompanied by social studies teacher Amy Lake and her husband Al Ginouves, will head south to the nation’s capital in a van the afternoon of May 25 and will return the night of the 28th.


KENT — A new postmaster, John P. Doran, has been appointed to serve at the Kent post office following the recent retirement of Leola Dotson.

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