Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 2-8-18

Dismayed  at threats

As the grandson of immigrants who came to America because it stood for freedom and justice, I am increasingly dismayed by the mounting threats to our democratic institutions.

There is considerable evidence that Russia interfered in our most recent presidential election. It is essential that this interference be investigated, and, for that reason, a non-partisan special counsel has been appointed. He must be allowed to do his work.

Our president, however, repeatedly has said and done things that show that he does not want this investigation to go forward.  He fired FBI Director Comey because of Comey’s involvement with the investigation. He verbally attacked Special Counsel Mueller, at least once tried to fire him, and may try again. He also has attacked the entire FBI and the Department of Justice, our most powerful domestic law enforcement agencies.

We must get to the bottom of what happened during the election. Congress has not yet acted to protect the Mueller investigation, perhaps because they think that no one outside of Washington cares about Russian interference.

Our representative in Congress is John Faso. I urge all readers of this letter to join me in letting him know that we care deeply about the honesty and fairness of our elections, and in demanding that he work to protect and support Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference by supporting bipartisan legislation to that effect.

Cavin P. Leeman