Judge rules on LRP suit

LIME ROCK — Lime Rock Park (LRP) cleared one hurdle toward Sunday racing when Judge John D. Moore ruled last week that state law prevents the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Commission from regulating or limiting racing on Saturdays and Sundays.

Moore also ruled that LRP does not have to apply for a special permit to seek a change in or appeal the zoning regulations, under most circumstances.

The Planning and Zoning Commission won some points as well. Moore ruled that the commission does have the authority to regulate noise by limiting dates and times for racing without mufflers; and in several other issues concerning LRP’s appeal of changes to the zoning regulations, the judge found for the commission.

The judge made it clear that the injunction that limits track operations is still in effect.

“The court must remind all of the parties, however, that both the Adams injunction and the stipulated Zoning Board of Appeals injunction remain in full force and effect.”

The case concerning the injunction was put on hold until after this decision.

The Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a special meeting, in executive session, on Wednesday, Feb. 7, to discuss the decision and the possibility of an appeal.

The Lime Rock Citizens Council, a neighborhood group that is against Sunday racing, was an intervenor in the appeal case.

Lime Rock park owner Skip Barber said in a phone interview Monday, Feb. 5, “I’m pleased, mostly because maybe now we can negotiate” with the LRCC.

“Now that there’s a court decision, maybe we can sort this out.”

The Lakeville Journal spoke with a member of the Lime Rock Citizens Council, who (on the advice of counsel) declined to comment.

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