Thinking of you

Although no one knows what tomorrow will bring, a small ray of certainty recently brightened the summer holiday season. I’m referring to Aug. 20, Thinking of You Day. While browsing through birthday cards at the Papyrus store in Boston’s Prudential Center I was confronted with an entire section of cards devoted to this special day. 

Papyrus has taken it upon itself to create a holiday which meshes perfectly with a vast supply of Thinking of You greeting cards. And you thought Amazon’s Alexa was innovative. Did she happen to mention anything about Aug. 20? I doubt it.

A quick perusal of my paper (yes, paper) AT-A-GLANCE desk calendar reveals Aug. 20 to be a Sunday — the perfect day to be thinking of someone other than yourself. And for $5.95 or more you can “express your sincere sentiments in the most beautiful way.”

We can all use some help when it comes to articulating our feelings. Who doesn’t cringe just a little bit at that living room scene in “Jerry Maguire” as Tom Cruise goes for broke emotionally when all he needed to say was “hello.”

Yes, we live in a cynical world. But I take some comfort in knowing that, at least on Aug. 20, I’ll be thinking of you.