Letter to the Editor, August 4, 2017 - The Winsted Journal

Frustrations over community response

Each year, we put our best efforts into improving the community and its future. We dedicate the time into organizing interesting events, including the Winsted Booming Book Festival, along with inviting the many speakers who appear free of charge at the Winsted Community Bookstore throughout the year and the Summer Citizen Law Series. The majority of this outreach is met with a general lack of enthusiasm, support or actual participation. We appreciate the residents who attend the events, but wonder why we are faced with this lack of interest. 

What would it take for us to get a better response? We earnestly ask for your input as we are puzzled about why, after lining up top-notch authors, knocking on doors, sending out emails, advertising on radio, newspapers and social media that we get such low, albeit enthusiastic, attendance. Please send your thoughts to us at internsclp@gmail.com.

Cecilia Petricone

Krystal Bagnaschi 

Interns of the Office of the Community Lawyer