A change that will create strength in the long run

Media companies are seen as being under the gun right now, especially any of those that print on paper, even if in conjunction with online publications.  And it’s not just the perception, it’s the reality. The media is dismissed even at what would ordinarily be considered the highest levels of our society. After all, the U.S. president accuses national and international media of producing only inaccurate or fabricated reporting, using Twitter to contradict and attack many responsible journalists. 

But as a local and locally owned community journalism company, The Lakeville Journal Company, which publishes what you are reading, considers itself fortunate in many ways. Those who live in the rural area in which we operate tend to make their own judgments about things, often exhibiting an independent and thoughtful streak. That, along with a very supportive ownership, is what has helped us continue creating three weekly newspapers, as well as Compass Arts and Entertainment and varied and numerous special sections, for decades with wide community support. 

The only publication the company has produced over recent years that has had difficulty finding support through advertising and circulation in its own communities is The Winsted Journal. As you will see on this week’s front page, the company is taking the step of folding The Winsted Journal into The Lakeville Journal after more than 20 years of separate publication.

Begun in 1996 by The Lakeville Journal Company’s current ownership group, Winsted’s weekly newspaper has served its communities, including Norfolk, Colebrook, New Hartford, Riverton and Barkhamsted in addition to Winsted, with high standards and close attention to town government as well as the schools, the economy, the arts and anything else that would be of use and interest to its readers. The Winsted Journal, like The Lakeville Journal and Millerton News, also has had a vibrant opinion section, with local award-winning editorials written by the editor, and a range of local and statewide columnists (such as Dick Ahles, who hailed from Riverton for decades before moving to Simsbury in recent years, and always saw The Winsted Journal as his paper), as well as letters to the editor.

The action of rolling The Winsted Journal into The Lakeville Journal will create a more stable, long-term platform on which to continue to build our other publications, which are continuing to attract readers and advertisers and to support themselves. Thank you to all those who have supported The Winsted Journal, and all our publications, online and in print, making this area one that is unique in its having independent and locally owned news media keeping close track of what happens here. 

The Lakeville Journal Company will continue to cover its communities vigorously and with a dedication that comes from a long history and an awareness of both the past and present of the region. We hope also to give insight into what the future will hold here with news of all that matters to those who love the far-flung small towns in the Lakeville and Millerton coverage areas.   

Thank you for reading The Lakeville Journal. Your support helps keep local community journalism alive.