Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 7-13-17

Trump does America no favors

I appreciate your editorial “Was America’s birthday spoiled by its president?” (July 6, 2017), in which you called attention to President Trump’s emotional immaturity and unpresidential temperament. You also pointed out that he “is doing his best to shut down the press and free speech,” thereby threatening an important pillar of American democracy.  

I should like to add two important points. First, this is far from the only element of Trump’s policies that is harmful to the American people. He is trying to implement a health care plan that will deprive millions of us of health care insurance, and make this insurance much more expensive for millions more. He is treating immigrants and refugees extremely inhumanely. He is reversing many programs that were set up to protect our environment, develop renewable fuels and minimize climate change. He also is trying to introduce a tax program — his health care plan is only the first step in this direction — that will funnel many millions of dollars to very wealthy people, including him, while taking away needed services from the rest of us. 

Second, in order to counteract these policies, it is critical that we use the 2018 election to take control of Congress away from Trump supporters. In this district, that means mobilizing to defeat Rep. John Faso, a strong supporter of the president, who has spoken out in favor of a health care plan that would hurt a great many Americans, and give enormous tax savings to the very rich. 

Cavin P. Leeman



They are watching

To Peter Riva’s point about Facebook and Google (Millerton News, June 15), my wife showed me a head-and-shoulders selfie pic the other day, and remarked, “I’m getting wrinkles on my neck. And lines on my chest.” Shortly thereafter, she starts getting pop-up ads for wrinkle creams and expensive rejuvenating products. 

So they can visually see the issue, and surmise she has disposable income for products, as advertised. Interesting but scary.

Ned Brown 

Charleston, S.C.