A tale of two victims, neither very innocent

Hillary Clinton and Kathy Griffin both claim to be victims of the usual feminist suspects, “older white guys,” Hillary most recently in the presidential election, Griffin in the aftermath of her latest ill-conceived publicity stunt.

 Griffin is being investigated by the Secret Service after posing for a photograph of herself holding a likeness of President Donald Trump’s severed head, which quickly went viral on the internet.

 The gruesome image was reminiscent of terrorists holding real heads, and the backlash was immediate. Griffin lost several gigs and was rebuked by the left and the right, including the president and the first lady. The president tweeted that their 11-year-old son had been particularly upset by the bloody image, which he thought was real.

 CNN severed ties with Griffin, dropping her from its annual New Year’s Eve show, and in a similar move fraught with symbolism, Squatty Potty dumped her.

 Griffin was initially apologetic, saying how genuinely sorry she was, and that she understood what she did was wrong.

 Her contrition quickly turned to anger, however, as she transformed herself before our eyes from guilty aggressor to innocent victim of aggression. She blamed her downfall on gender discrimination and presidential bullying, claiming that the backlash and lost jobs would not have happened to a man. (Is she kidding?)

 “I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole life, my whole career,” Griffin said, employing the typically vague claims and sexist language of the professional victim.

 Casting herself as a strong, independent woman, Griffin announced that she was “not afraid of Mr. Trump,” while at the same time portraying herself as a fragile, easily damaged waif, another hallmark of the seasoned victim. “I’m going to be honest,” she said of the president. “He broke me.”

 Really? Maybe Trump’s tweets are more effective than we thought.

 “He’s a bully,” Griffin added, which is certainly generally true in Mr. Trump’s case, although not in this one.

 A lawyer (Griffin had lost no time getting legal counsel, despite her wounds) claimed that entertainers are rarely investigated for edgy art or satire, implying, as Griffin had stated, that the reaction against her was motivated by gender.

 Actually, the Secret Service spends much of its time investigating presidential threats made by anyone, including entertainers, even male ones.

 In 2012, musician Ted Nugent was grilled by the Secret Service after he told a gathering of the National Rifle Association, “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.”

 He was referring to the Obama administration, and although he didn’t pose with a bloody presidential head like Griffin did, he still got in trouble with the Feds. So much for Griffin’s claim that it doesn’t happen to men.


Hillary, meanwhile, after emerging from a Walden-like respite in the Chappaqua woods, has been going on the air of late, doing damage control and blame dispersal as she ruminates about her shocking defeat.

 According to Hillary and the media, she was victimized by, you guessed it, two older white guys, Trump and Vladimir Putin. Three, if you count (as she does) former F.B.I. director James Comey. Four, if you count WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Five, if you count Bill Clinton. Six, if you count Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger. Seven, if you count … well, she counts them all.

 It’s a clear pattern, at least to Hillary and the press. All the aggressors are white males, charter members of that reprehensible sub-species so flippantly and frequently dismissed by feminists as “older white guys.” By birth, training and definition, they are all misogynists bent on oppressing strong, independent women and waifs everywhere.

 It was this dastardly force that prevented Madame Secretary, “the most qualified presidential candidate in history” we were told, from breaking through the final glass ceiling.

 In reality, old white gal Hillary should have beaten old white guy Trump by at least 20 points. Anyone with a pulse should have beaten him by that much ­— even Kathy Griffin.

 Instead, Griffin, like so many others, still has difficulty absorbing Hillary’s loss. To let off steam, she mocks Trump every chance she gets. With Trump, of course, there’s no end of material.

 In a way, you have to admire Griffin. It’s pretty difficult to mock someone with Donald Trump’s stupendous portfolio of stupidities and still end up making so much of the country mad at you.

 Griffin should not have been surprised that even liberals would turn on her (at least outwardly) in the wake of her politically incorrect photo shoot, and that she would end up getting her own head handed to her.

 She did it to herself, with a little help from her friends. So did Hillary.


Mark Godburn is an antiquarian bookseller and writer in North Canaan. His book, “Nineteenth-Century Dust-Jackets,” is available from the Oak Knoll Press.