Graduates: Time to make the world a better place

On Friday, June 23, both Northwestern Regional High School and The Gilbert School held their commencement ceremonies, sending out members of the class of 2017 into the world.

At both ceremonies there was a sense of optimism because the graduating seniors all completed their long journey by earning a high school diploma.

For the graduates, now comes a whole new journey of adulthood and dealing with responsibilities, including finding employment or earning a college degree and moving on with their lives.

Some would argue that it is very tough out there in the real world to survive.

It is. It’s a challenge. Sometimes a very difficult, almost insurmountable challenge.

But challenges, all challenges, are not impossible to conquer.

This is something we hope members of the class of 2017 will keep in mind as they go through life.

We also hope that graduates remember, despite any and all challenges, not to become cynical and hardened adults who ignore at problems instead of taking care of them.

It is one thing to talk about making the world a better place, but it’s another thing to step up to the plate to make it better.

Both Northwestern and Gilbert have organized programs over the years that have included students volunteering around the community to help out.

While it might be hard for graduates to retain the lessons that they learned in algebra class, they should carry with them the lessons learned from their volunteer work and helping those around them.

Yes, it is a tough world out there.

The unemployment rate is still very high, the cost of living keeps increasing, the cost of a college education continues to grow higher, along with student loan debt. 

These are all very difficult, but not impossible, challenges.

We hope that the members of the class of 2017 go out into the world determined to make the world a better place, despite any and all challenges.

We also hope that each graduate remembers that they are all members of a group and, in one way or another, that no one who is part of the group is alone. In one way or another, everyone is in this thing called real life together.