Letter to the Editor - Millerton News - 6-9-17

Honoring many on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is here and we gratefully and somberly recall the sacrifices that our soldiers have made throughout the decades and up to the present day to keep our country safe; freely sacrificing and giving up their own lives in the process.

I am wondering, if as an extension of our generous and open spirits of goodwill, we might also be willing to honor the lives of the thousands of people who have given up their lives on many levels and become angels from the internal terrorist attacks occurring throughout the Western Hemisphere.

I honor our soldiers for their sacrifices, their suffering both internal and external throughout the decades and up to the present day, and I extend it to the sacrifices made by the people who have died from and the people who continue to suffer, internally and externally, from the terrorist assaults.

How blessed we are by their sacrifices and their suffering; words are shallow. I pray that as human beings, we make it a daily intention to examine our hearts and take ownership for the wars that begin there, working with fervor, to maintain peace beginning there, in honor of all of these people that we may become a stronger and more accountable hemisphere, shrinking war, domestic and global, into oblivion.

To all of the refugees who miss home: You are under our protection. We honor your grief and we respect your right to be here. One’s personal war can be dangerously projected onto innocent people and so, we honor your courage.

Laura Goodall