Earth Day should be every day

Over the past two issues we have been covering organizations and groups dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment along with events celebrating the environment.

In this week’s issue we publish articles about the Colebrook Land Conservancy and Barkhamsted’s Earth Day celebration.

In last week’s issue we published articles about Winsted’s Earth Day cleanup, the New Hartford Land Trust and the Winchester Land Trust.

In the past we have published articles about the Norfolk Land Trust and other groups and activists dedicated to environmental causes.

The Northwest Corner of Connecticut has many wonderful natural areas, including trails and forests.

These groups of people devoted to conservation should all be lauded and celebrated for taking their time in protecting the environment.

They are all needed now more than ever, especially in the face of President Donald J. Trump’s continued loosening and elimination of various environmental regulations.

The rollbacks of these regulations are already starting to have a direct impact on Connecticut.

On Wednesday, April 12, Governor Dannel P. Malloy announced that he, along with other state officials, are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to approve a petition to control pollution caused by upwind states.

According to a press release issued by Malloy’s office, the states, which are located in the west and the south, generate air pollution within their borders which is carried to states in the northeast by prevailing winds.

This causes public health issues and impacts the environment.

The press release said the pollution is caused by such industries as coal plants.

Connecticut is joining eight other states, known as the Ozone Transport Region, in the petition. These states include New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.

As he boasted several times throughout his presidential campaign, President Trump intends to roll back environmental regulations and protections in order to boost the coal industry. This will lead to more environmental problems, including even more air pollution in coal mining states and increased pollution impacting the air quality in Connecticut.

This is why people need to continue to step up to the plate when it comes to the environment, not just during the observance of Earth Day.

Despite the fact that we all live in different towns and states, we are all connected to one earth, and what happens in one part of the Northwest Corner or in a different state has an impact on another part.

With this in mind, when you are done reading this newspaper, please recycle it. Thank you.