Municipal elections: November is not too far away …

This year is, for many of the towns in our coverage area, the year when a municipal election will be held in November.

A municipal campaign is more than politicians grandstanding at parades and festivals, shaking people’s hands and kissing babies while they try to win votes.

It is also much more than a chance for people to show off fancily designed signs on their lawn.

A municipal campaign is really a chance for a town to determine its future direction and to elect people who they feel will lead them in that direction.

In the Northwest Corner, any resident of a given town can run for a position in town government.

Over the years, we have heard  town party leaders grumble about a lack of candidates stepping forward to run in elections.

This is why we want to encourage residents from all towns in our coverage area, no matter how young or old, no matter how rich or poor and no matter whether they are a CEO of a multimillion dollar company or a broke college student, to consider running for an office in your town.

We especially encourage those who complain about the condition of their towns on social media to step up to the plate.

Complaining on a constant basis, either on Facebook, public access television or in a local store, might seem like a fun pasttime.

But complaining never gets anyone anywhere. There’s no action in inaction.

For some, politics is a game — a sport of “my ideas are better than your ideas.”

The truth is, politics are the blood of the body when it comes to the operation and well-being of a town or city.

The more participants in it, the better.

It can be a thankless job at times, with people berating you, bashing you and sometimes even bullying you for a decision.

But in the end, you are helping your town by giving your time where it is most needed. 

Please contact your local town clerk or political party committee leader to discuss how to run for municipal office.

We hope to see you in November.