Letter to the Editor - Winsted Journal - 4-21-17

P&Z made wrong decision

It is my opinion that the Planning and Zoning Commission members based their neglectful decision April 10 on pre-conceived emotions and personal opinion.

Their decisions and conclusions are required to be based on facts and the outlined regulations of planning and zoning. 

They have now set a terrible precedent that we in Winsted will dictate how, when, why and where and  to whom a business owner can sell. 

This will be a decision that will have a negative trickledown effect in this town for years.

I would like to commend the two Republican commission members, Craig Sanden and Jerry Martinez, who truly understood the implications of their decision, and  the long-term impact. 

It is unfortunate and an undeniable travesty that a business owner that has been in this town for over three decades has now had to endure such treatment from a town he has given so much.

Thank you John, for your longevity,  community service, and the many contributions you have made over the years.  

This situation is the epitome of why Winsted has the reputation of “being closed for business.”

We should be doing all we can to bring business, new development and smart growth to the forefront.  

Instead,  we will have another building sit empty for who knows how long.   

We need changes in our town and we need folks who understand how to take Winsted by the horns and push for progress.  

Lisa Smith



The writer is chairman of the Winchester Republican Town Committee.