Finito la comedia

Illustration by Varoujan Froundjian

Anyone who has a slight appreciation toward circus, vaudeville or slapstick should have loved Trump. I did. From the moment he announced his intention to run as the president of the United States of America, shall we say, he was sort of enjoyable? 

There was something nutty about his behavior, that he appeared to be a gold mine for satirists searching for fresh material. Oh, just watching his expressions was priceless, the way he moved his mouth sideways, the way he rolled his eyes and the way he pulled his hair back. Oh, yes, the hair. 

And I thought, silly me, that even if he doesn’t make a good president, at least we were going to have fun just by watching him acting like a clown. It was going to be a great show!

But after all the slapstick, wisecracking, bullying and buffoonery, I hope he realizes that the joke is on him, that after all is said and done, not only is Obama an American, duh, but after a whole year of, “I’m gonna repeal Obamacare, I’m gonna, gonna, repeal, repeal, repeal Obamacare,” guess what? The great deal-maker that he is, couldn’t quite convince enough people to agree to his deal, whatever deal that was, and what a slap in the face that Obamacare will be here for some time. 

Allow me to change the subject for a minute. As I was walking late at night the other day, I saw a bear. Yes, I came face to face with the wild animal, and I should admit that I was both scared to death and mesmerized by this encounter. Can someone please send me an email advising me on what’s the proper way to behave if I meet a bear again? The trick is how to avoid danger and at the same time not cause harm to this amazing creature. Also, please let me know if the old trick of laying down dead still works? 

Anyway, going back to our scarier subject of the president who acts like a bear, sorry to say, he can’t be taken seriously any more than a teddy bear. 

Yes, the comedy has been over for quite some and someone should tell the clown that he is not funny anymore.

See you next time. Adieu. 

Varoujan Froundjian is a graphic designer, Photoshop artist, writer, cartoonist, information technology expert and drives a limousine for local livery. He can be reached at varoujanfroundjian@gmail.com. He might still be awake.