Letter to the editor 1-13-17

Nader is wrong about Trump


This letter is in response to Ralph Nader’s continued attacks on now President-elect Donald J. Trump. I am looking forward to Trump coming into the White House as president.

I hope President Trump will hold a rally and meeting in Litchfield County, specifically Winsted, where he won the county and the town in majority votes. 

Nader has never accomplished this. In fact, Ralph Nader, who was born in Winsted but lives in Washington, D.C., has led quixotic campaigns for president so many times and has failed to be elected.

Ralph’s liberal and socialist slant that government should be bigger and more powerful with more taxes and regulations was rejected in this election.

Trump was legally elected by law, so accept the outcome and work to help our new president instead of sandbagging him. 

Nader has sandbagged others before. Just ask Former Vice President Al Gore, because Nader made it possible for George Bush to win the presidency in 2000.

Nader is a lawyer who is for more government, more laws and regulations. This creates the legal web to entangle our citizens.

It is for their protection, he says. This is not exactly what the founders of our country wanted from my reading of history.

Nader says that Trump’s administration and term will be a secretive government. What government does not have secrets? Does Ralph have secrets? 

In Nader’s columns he predisposes Trump to complete conjecture and fictional writing to supposedly foretell the future of the presidency.

Wow, I thought only God knew the future and could understand everything. Nader’s apparent Harvard arrogance and false sense of knowledge is what has led to legal thieves not paying their taxes in communities. 

Nader pays no property taxes in his name on property he has legally loopholed around like the new Tort Museum and the building on 97 Main St. where the Community Lawyer is.

What an eyesore the building is with its crumbling walls and broken windows.

This does not make Winsted look good.

Nader pays no property taxes in Winsted, nor has he paid any car property taxes on the Chevrolet Corvair that was given to him, which was in his sister’s garage for over 10 years.

Nader complains that he can’t see Trump’s personal income taxes. By law, personal income taxes are protected confidential information. There is no law requiring any citizen to publicly disclose personal income, even though past presidents have on their own. It is not the law. 

Nader complains that President-elect Trump has hired wealthy top nominees for his cabinet. So what? Nader is a multi-millionaire too, who is worth several million according to Forbes Magazine. I’m glad most of Trump’s nominees are successful and wealthy.

Nader says only the liberal billionaires can save us in one of his books. Trump thinks different and so do I.

Nader would lead readers to believe to disarm and be weak in the face of our enemies, just as Obama has done with political correctness and appeasement to terrorists like the PLO, Iran and Isis. 

Thank you Trump for appointing four great generals to top posts in Homeland Security, Secretary of Defense, National Security Advisor and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Is Nader is afraid of these men who have defended and protected our country all their adult lives? 

Nader should pay some of the high property taxes in Winsted and fight those who would and have killed innocent Americans, Jews, Christians and Muslims, instead of fighting our newly elected president. 

David LaPointe