Santa Claus lives in everyone

Once again we are in the midst of the Christmas season, when we shop for (and sometimes panic over) gifts for friends and family, spend time licking and licking Christmas card envelopes and enjoy listening to the cheery (and oftentimes annoying) holiday songs that come on the radio.

In the midst of all the holiday cheer, commercialism and consumerism, we should pause for a moment to be thankful for what we have.

Whether it is friends, family, food or simply a roof over your head, many people do not have any of these things.

Over the past year, especially during the holiday season, events and fundraisers have been held to raise awareness of these social problems, along with raising funds to help those in need.

At the latest fundraiser, on Friday, Dec. 9, residents from the Northwest Corner all took part in the Freezin’ for a Reason event at East End Park, a fundraiser for the Northwest YMCA and its homeless shelter.

In the past, The Winsted Journal has covered other events and fundraisers to benefit the operation of the shelter. Over the years, at every single event, the shelter’s housing manager, Bruce Mochan, has said that the shelter is full.

While the problem of homelessness has not gone away, it is commendable to see residents stand up to the problem and bring awareness to it — as well as much-needed funds to the shelter’s operations.

During this past year, there have been other charitable events that have brought much-needed funds and resources to local organizations, including last week’s toy drive organized by the Winchester Police Department and various food drives for the Open Door Soup Kitchen and food pantries.

While some might deny or even laugh at the existence of Santa Claus, the truth is that Santa Claus does exist.

There is more than just the physical embodiment of Santa Claus in a costume at a holiday festival or shopping mall somewhere. 

There are people who are Santa Claus, who do not wear a red-and-white outfit or have white whiskers, but bring happiness to both young and old by donating their time and resources to help others out.

And that right there is the true spirit of Christmas and the holiday season.