In appreciation: Florence Thomen

I am a New York City resident who has continued to subscribe to The Lakeville Journal  after having spent  happy summers in Falls Village many years ago. 

Whenever Florence Thomen’s “Reflections” appeared in the Journal , some time ago, I enjoyed them so much that I shared them with my NYC neighbor. Both of us began a correspondence with  Florence! We  marveled at the fact that  the   memories of her early life, so different in many ways from ours, touched a place in  our hearts  — two  somewhat younger women of different races and religions,  one a born-and-bred New Yorker, the other having come to New York after growing up on a farm in the South.

In October 2013, when Florence was 100 years old, I visited with her in Canaan, and my  New York City neighbor  participated in the visit via phone. Florence was wonderfully delightful, and we continued to correspond a bit after that.

My neighbor and dear friend is no longer able to communicate, but I know that she would  join me in expressing gratitude  for having known Florence personally  as well as through her writing. We will miss her.

Gila Lipton

New York City