Town has more pressing needs than decorations

For many years, Christmas decorations have adorned Main Street during the holiday season.

Christmas wreaths and lights would hang from light posts, along with some Christmas flags, bringing holiday spirits to everyone.

This year, however, the town will not be participating in any merry festivities.

According to Town Manager Dale Martin, the Christmas decorations that the town used for years were all disposed of last year because they were all in such shoddy condition. Martin said it has been more than 10 years since the town allocated funds for Christmas decorations and installation.

While it would be great to have holiday decorations everywhere in town during this Christmas season, the town and its departments have much more pressing needs.

At a special Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday, Dec. 8, Interim Police Chief Kevin Kinahan said the department is dealing with substantial crime problems, and that the police force is facing both a lack of manpower and infrastructure problems.

Many other department heads spoke at the special meeting, including Department of Public Works Director Jim Rollins, who talked about the department’s needs for new equipment to keep the town’s infrastructure properly maintained.

At the meeting, the selectmen talked about how to formulate priorities in fundings departmental needs in town.

While there may be residents who are angry and upset about the absence of decorations on Main Street, the town right now should focus on much more important priorities.

This editorial does not intend to demean the Christmas or holiday spirit. It is quite understandable that residents love and enjoy the Christmas season. However, it only lasts for one month.

Keeping residents safe by meeting the needs of the town’s emergency departments and Department of Public Works is a gift that will keep on giving.