Letters to the Editor - August 2

Letters to the Editor - The Lakeville Journal

Volunteers worked hard to make car show a success


On behalf of the planning committee of the Falls Village Car & Motorcycle Show, I would like to thank all the generous sponsors, too numerous to mention here, for their generosity to our show.

I would also like to thank Lime Rock Park and crew, Stanton Equipment, Robin Hood Radio, Eric Veden, Betsy Howie, Swamp Yankee, Olde Yankee Street Rods and all the wonderful volunteers that helped make the show such a great success. Falls Village shined on July 15, and we certainly couldn’t have done it without these great folks.

A big thank you, too, to all that came out to the show, either bringing a great vehicle or as a spectator. The Falls Village Volunteer Fire Department, other nonprofits and local businesses truly appreciate your support.

See you next year!

Judy Jacobs
Falls Village Car & Motorcycle Show
Planning Committee
Falls Village


What does it take to collect and spend $20 billion?


According to Connecticut’s Yankee Institute, Connecticut has 378 sources of revenue that generate about $20 billion. Two-hundred of those sources generate only $16.4 million — a mere 0.082 percent of the budget, but at what cost to taxpayers?

Since 1970, Connecticut’s population has grown from 3.032 million to about 3.575 million today, a cumulative grow rate of 18.1 percent or an annual growth rate of two-fifths of 1 percent.  Over this same period, Connecticut state government spending has grown over 316 percent — 22 times the population growth. Inflation’s been a contributing factor, but for 36 out of the past 38 years, Connecticut’s unopposed Democratic ruling party has nickel-and-dimed families and businesses to fund their insatiable spending and expansion of government. Nothing illustrates this expansion better than the growth in state employees — most of whom are unionized.

The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services in its 2010-2011 DAS Report, page 25, reports total state employees exceed 101,000. This is comprised of “87,761 full-time jobs and 13,291 part-time employees,” which includes “all the other types of workers out there — such as employees of quasi-state agencies like the lottery or the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority.” Not counting part-time workers, that’s one full-time state employee for every 40 Connecticut residents.

Part of the answer to “What does it take to collect and spend $20 billion?” is staffing size — and union cost — of the state government departments and agencies needed to oversee the 200 revenue sources (fees and permit) that generate a measly 0.082 percent of the state’s annual budget.

Connecticut is diseased and dying from the Democratic ruling party, which is today dominated by uncontrollable spend, tax and borrow liberals — and Representative Willis is one of them.

Republican candidate Nasiatka is the fiscal conservative in the 64th House District race. She adamantly supports the self-employed that number more than a quarter of a million Connecticut residents, and the approximately 75,000 small businesses that account for “97.4 percent of the state’s employers and 49.6 percent of its private-sector employment.”

Challenger Nasiatka knows there must be fewer government employees and less spending, taxes, debt and burdensome regulation. Government must stop nickel-and-diming all of its residents — especially the self-employed — with the taxes, fees and permits that permeate anything and everything in our personal and business lives.

The 64th District’s new voters in Norfolk, North Canaan, Falls Village and Kent must understand the clear choice they have this November, but more importantly, the consequences for Connecticut of electing Representative Willis to represent them in Hartford. They can either elect a bad habit or help start a new habit in the state Legislature.

This November, only you can prevent Connecticut from continuing self-inflicted fiscal suicide.

Chris Janelli
Chairman, Salisbury
Republican Town Committee


Negative mailers fail candidate

I have been wavering between Ms. Esty and Mr. Donovan in the Democratic primary for the 5th Congressional District. There are reasons for supporting each of them. But having received two vicious and from my point of view dishonest attack mailers from Esty recently, I am more and more inclined to vote for Donovan.

Last Saturday the Hartford Courant’s website talked of the indictment of some of Donovan’s aides in an alleged donations-for-legislation affair. Certainly this must give one pause, but the posting said, “Donovan has steadfastly denied participation in, or knowledge of, a campaign finance conspiracy. There is nothing in Thursday’s indictment to suggest that he was a party to any of the incriminating conversations, and he is not charged in the case.”

The most recent mailer I received paints a different picture. It features a black-and -white picture of Mr. Donovan. Smeared (I choose the word advisedly) across the picture is a glaring yellow ribbon with black text reading, “UNDER FBI INVESTIGATION UNDER FBI INVESTIGATION.” The ribbon is so placed that it falls in the picture between Donovan’s face and a nameplate reading “Rep. Donovan.” The effect is to create the strong impression that Donovan is under FBI investigation.

At the bottom of the page is, “That’s Chris Donovan’s Campaign for Congress.” In fact Mr. Donovan’s campaign is based on his record, which includes:

Passing Connecticut’s first progressive income tax;

Making Connecticut the first state to require paid sick-leave legislation;

Adding transgender rights to the anti-discrimination law;

Legalizing medical marijuana and decriminalizing marijuana possession;

Repealing the death penalty.

Apparently the Esty campaign and I fear Ms. Esty herself feel that smarmy attack ads are more important than issues.

I find it increasingly hard to imagine that I will vote for her on Tuesday.

Hendon Chubb


Chris Donovan has the creds to do well in Congress


Reading the direct mailers and watching the television ads for Democratic candidates for the 5th Congressional District, one might have the impression that any of the candidates have credentials to fill the seat now held by Chris Murphy. Nothing could be further from the truth: Chris Donovan is the only candidate uniquely qualified for the job.

Why? He’s the only one with a record of legislative accomplishment — nearly 20 years of elected service for Connecticut — that has resulted in what we Democrats seek at the national level. Connecticut has had the most progressive and family-friendly legislation in the nation: equal pay for equal work, paid maternity leave, same-sex civil unions and marriage, wage protection, campaign finance reform and preservation of the safety net for those in need. At every step in his service in the Connecticut Assembly — moving from a rank and file member through committee work, to Majority Leader, and now Speaker — Chris Donovan has not only supported but also made happen vital legislation that that we as Democrats advocate.

Among the many examples of Chris Donovan’s leadership was his insistence, in the Assembly’s budget battle a few years back, that funding for mental health — including programs like Torrington’s Prime Time — would not be cut. His leadership overcame an “alternative” budget, which sought those cuts and many more in social services (and provided tax breaks for the state’s wealthiest), that was backed by Republicans and a few Democrats including the then, one-term, Representative Elizabeth Esty. Chris Donovan’s leadership assured funding was preserved. And who, among the majority, stood with him at the time, but one of the most respected Democratic office holders in the state — the Northwest Corner’s own Representative Roberta Willis.

Chris Donovan has been there for us and he’s done it for nearly 20 years. What’s more, in this Democratic primary, he’s the only candidate with a proven record to uphold that tradition in the U.S. Congress. I encourage fellow Democrats to vote for him on Aug. 14.

Dan Dwyer


Shays took on Fannie Mae

Christopher Shays is a longtime fiscal conservative with a proven record of getting the job done in Washington and in Connecticut. Shays knows what it takes to win elections and he has the experience, knowledge and guts to have an immediate impact on day one.

Congressman Shays took on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before the 2008 economic meltdown and helped force the Clinton administration to accept spending cuts and tax reductions. He then managed to balance the budget for four years in a row. He was a proponent of welfare reform and sponsored the first legislation in the Contract with America. Moreover, he co-chaired the Commission on Wartime Contracting that identified $60 billion in wasteful spending, and presented to Congress possible resolutions to address the problem.

The decision Republicans should make in August is an easy one: vote for Chris Shays, a man of integrity and proven success.

John Morris


Clambake brought out best

Despite torrents of belligerent rain and bellicose skies, spirits soared at the annual Jane Lloyd Fund Clambake at Salisbury Winter Sports Assocation’s Satre Hill last Saturday.

The clambake epitomized the joy this community creates and derives from working together — whatever the weather. Every segment of our community contributed time, talent, funds and a resolute commitment to enhance the vital work of the Jane Lloyd Fund. Lifelong Salisbury native Jane Lloyd’s valiant battle against breast cancer was eased by the unrelenting support of this community, and it was “with joyous hearts that the Jane Lloyd Fund was established to benefit cancer patients in financial need and to continue the circle of generosity and good will.”

In addition to SWSA, who has so graciously hosted the clambake since its inception in 2006, the Jane Lloyd Fund is grateful to the scores of generous sponsors and donors (named in our ad in this issue, with special thanks to Sharon Hospital and Salisbury Bank), countless hard working volunteers and, of course, the many who braved Mother Nature’s fury to support and enjoy the clambake. The extraordinary commitment by so many ensures that 100 percent of the clambake’s proceeds will advance the Jane Lloyd Fund’s mission of “helping cancer patients day to day.”

 As the fund’s most important fundraiser, the clambake’s success directly impacts the number of families who can be helped. We are indebted to this community for its warm embrace of the clambake and to the extraordinary group of sponsors, donors and volunteers who are so committed to making a difference in the lives of those struck by cancer.

 Tanya Tedder, Donna Lloyd and Caroline Burchfield
on behalf of the Jane Lloyd Fund