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Bad Behavior

Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 10-4-18

Thanks from the historians

What compassion really looks like

Try 20–plus years of dedication. Try compassion surpassing all norms of safety and possibility. Try helping 200,000 people including 144,000 refugees without a sou (a penny).

Too late to fix the problem of plastics waste in our oceans?

Dear EarthTalk: What are we doing about getting rid of all the plastic floating in the ocean and forming giant gyres far from land?

Jake Johnson

Merrimack, NH


Judicial Temperament

Cooperation is the key

Cooperation is the key

Since we were young, we’ve been taught the importance of cooperation. Play nicely. Work together. Share.

These bits of advice work just as well now as they did all those years ago. Better yet, it’s not just individuals who are practicing the art of sharing — local municipalities are getting in on the act as well.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News - 9-27-18

Smythe best choice for state senator

We need Karen Smythe as the next New York state senator for the 41st District. Ms. Smythe’s campaign demonstrates that she will stand up and vote for the interests of her constituents. That cannot be said of our current state senator, Sue Serino (R-41).

Are there reasons not to use antibacterial wipes?

Dear EarthTalk: A friend recently told me that when her family stopped using hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes all the time, they stopped getting sick so much. Is there any research backing up this theory, or is it just a “new” wives tale?

Betsey Edger

via e-mail


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