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Millbrook looks ahead with Comprehensive Plan update

A Comprehensive Plan is an important planning tool for any municipality. It can help shape a community’s vision of how it would like to develop, with a 10- or 15-year forecast. It is the basis for land-use regulations and zoning, and helps a town or village establish and protect its own unique characteristics and traits.

Letters to the Editor - Millerton News- 9-6-18

CROP Hunger Walk helps ease hunger in Tri-state region

I’ve been reading with interest the articles that Carol Kneeland has written in her series about hunger and food insecurity in our area. It’s a wonderful thing that so many food banks and food pantries exist here so that all of us working together can be sure that no one in our communities go hungry.

Just how big is global aerospace?

Ready? Global aerospace is worth $838 billion. Exactly half of the global automotive industry. Yes, half. Think of all the trucks, cars, motorbikes that are made, sold, manufactured, repaired and re-sold globally. And yet the aerospace industry is worth half of that. Makes one think of the growing size and revenue from aerospace, doesn’t it?

Truth is not truth

New Age defense

While all the other machinations are going on in politics, serious men and women, those in defense of the country, are trying to see through the fog of future defense needs and are making assessments of our capability.

Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News - 8-30-18

Protests warranted

I felt compelled to respond to John Waters’ letter “Stress in our Lives” (Aug 26, 2018). He is bothered by the amount of protest observed, and the lack of respect accorded the president. I wanted to offer another view:

Why not tell us their names?

In elementary school, they taught us the names of inventors. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, Robert Fulton the steamboat, Alexander Graham Bell the telephone and Thomas Alva Edison the electric light bulb. Nowadays, we rarely know the names of the inventors of modern technology—think biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical technology, safety technology. Not every breakthrough is invented by a single person, but there are still clusters of people inventing new things each year.


Food security, hard to come by

We all know what it’s like to be hungry. We eat, we work, we play, we sleep, and then we want to eat again.

But not everyone understands what it’s like to go hungry. To be without. For that, one would have to know from deep within what it’s like to need nourishment for survival but not have any food within reach: to truly be without.