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Celebrating community

Communities are often a reflection of the people who live in them. Some are closed and forbidding. Others, however, like those in the Harlem Valley, are open and welcoming. They are the reason why so many people move into the area — to live in a place with a real sense of community — and to enjoy all of the benefits of doing so.

Dangers of believing direct-to-consumer drug advertisements

Direct to consumer (DTC) prescription drug ads in magazines, radio and TV are banned in every country but the United States and New Zealand. 

Letter to the Editor - The Millerton News– 10-3-19

A change is needed

I am writing this letter to inform the taxpayers that a change is greatly needed. Unfortunately, like most people, I did not pay attention to town politics until it affected me personally. 

I have been down to the Town Hall on several occasions for a problem concerning an illegal house and runoff from an improper driveway that was ruining my property. After filing a formal complaint, they were forced to comply and look into the matter. This is still ongoing and has been for over two years. 

Recycling Q&A

Part 2


There’s a lot of talk about mindfulness these days, and I think these folks are onto something. Like practicing doing things with intention instead of just by habit. Take recycling, not the sexiest of tasks, but one that can improve your “look” on the local and global scene. 

People don’t want to know