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Enjoy the holidays: But, have you finished your college applications yet?

Consider This

Despite Santa and his merry band of elves, the Christmas cards wishing Joy and Peace, wreaths on nearly every door, the carols and Christmas songs on the radio and in the stores; despite all that, the holidays are often characterized as times of stress. Family dysfunction and higher attendance at AA meetings; for every upbeat yin, there seems to be a downbeat yang.

Why, exactly, should we take time to sort our trash?


Dear EarthTalk: Recycling can be a somewhat time-consuming task; so can you please provide some benefits of taking the time to separate my trash? Joseph Jiminez

Houston, Texas

Recycling, which turns materials that would otherwise be incinerated or become landfill-clogging waste into valuable resources, has become second nature for many Americans. As many as four out of five U.S. households already take the time to separate recyclables from trash. Those holdouts not yet willing to bother should consider the benefits to their household and society at large.


Editorial Cartoon

The big picture, as we begin the year 2012

The Millerton News Editorial

The New Year is nearly here — the ideal time to reflect on the year that is drawing to a close. Looking back on 2011, it is the state of the economy that looms large in retrospect, and how the financial system has affected the lifestyle of Americans on a daily basis. To compute the figures, and to really understand what our dollars have gained us in recent years, we turn to a money chart from www.xkcd.com, which was published online in November of this year and can be fact checked through sources including scholarly works or government publications (at http://xkcd.com/980/sources/).

Occupy movement is nearing its tipping point

A View From The Edge

The term “tipping point” was first used in the mid-1950s to describe the buildup of marital deterioration beyond which there was no hope of reconciliation. Over the years, the expression has proven useful in describing that precipice for everything from financial corporate downfalls, revolutions, medical deterioration, hopeful business growth, all the way to civil unrest.

Santa solves production problem at North Pole

The Country Curmedgeon

How can Santa make all those presents? It is a well-known fact that the “elves” make the presents — now. It wasn’t always that way.

A long, long time ago, in a place where nobody knew who he was and people minded their own business, Santa, in a small workshop, was busily turning out toys in preparation for Christmas. In those days, there were not so many people in the world. It seemed that every time the population started to grow... poof! Along would come another plague or Crusade or something. So in those days, Santa made all the toys himself.

2012 county budget reflects a policy change

The County Account

By a vote of 16 to 9, the Dutchess County Legislature passed the 2012 County Budget in early December.

Letters to the Editor - December 22

Letters to the Editor - The Millerton News

The Millbrook library needs the public’s help

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Holiday suggestions

The Millerton News Editorial

The holidays are here — and they mean different things to different people.

For some, it’s a gleeful period. There’s yule time cheer, goodwill among friends and family, the sharing of time, memories, food and gifts. For those who get to partake in such festivities, here are a few tips that will benefit the community-at-large as well as your inner circle:

Foolish fashion choices

The Country Curmedgeon

I just can’t believe what men are getting away with these days, appearing in public looking like they just rolled out of bed — and it’s not just their hair.